Saturday, November 17, 2018

Key to End...

“Suman….Beta I am going to office…please give the keys to Shobha Aunty, our neighbor while going to college” told Rita, a working woman, a widow, a fighter, a mother. 

She had no way but to go for a private job after death of her husband due to lung cancer when Suman, her daughter was in Class X. Now Suman is doing her post-graduation and in few months she will be supporting her Mom as she already got placed in one MNC.

In last 14 Years Rita had did everything to shape up the career of her only daughter. Suman also did well in her studies and made Rita proud of her.

It was a regular working day for them. Rita was having a meeting with new client so rushed a bit early to office, else she used to go after Suman left for college and carry the keys, as for last 15 days Suman used to come late due to extra classes.
“Sure Maa, I will give the keys to Shobha Aunty, today I will be again late, will be attending a seminar”, told Suman

“Ok Beta…today I will be cooking your favorite Chinese Food…do come back on time…bye…see you in the evening” told Rita

“Ok Maa..bye..all the best for presentation”, told Suman

Rita’s presentation went quite well, client was happy and so was her boss. They got the order, one of the biggest
“Well Done Rita, with this your promotion is almost sure, let’s celebrate and have lunch together.” Told her Boss.

“Thank you sir, it was all because of your guidance. Just a request, can I leave a bit early for home, I need to prepare special dinner for my daughter and need to do some preparation.” Told Rita

“Sure Rita, you can leave after lunch for today.” Told her Boss

Rita had lunch in a hurry and rushed to the super market. She got all the stuff she required for the dinner and reached home.

“Hi Shobha Ji, can I have my keys.” Told Rita after reaching her Society.

“Arre Rita, you are early too, anything important today.” Told Shobha

“Early too? What do you mean? Who else came early.” Asked Rita

“Arre Suman beta also came 2 hours back. I have given the key to her.” Told Shobha

Rita was surprised but was happy also as both of them will get some quality time together on a working day.

She moved towards her flat. She was surprised to see that door is locked but the key is still in the lock.

“Mad girl, she started forgetting things. May be due to pressure of her studies.” Rita thought.

She turned the key in the lock and opened the door. There was a different smell, which she never liked in the house. Memories flashed back when this smell used to be a regular stuff in the house. It was the smell of cigarette but a bit different, may be mixed with something which her husband used to have almost a pack every day. That became the reason for his lung cancer and death eventually.

There was pin drop silent in the house. She saw that the back balcony door was opened, which is usually closed as there is lake on that side and almost every month one suicide happened there in last few months. She went and saw empty packets of cigarettes and an empty bottle of whiskey, three glasses and some grass like material in a small packet.

She got apprehensive, fear of something bad grown in her mind immediately. Slowly she moved towards Suman’s room. Suddenly she saw Suman’s college bag on the floor just before Suman’s room. She picked that, she got another shock as she found a packet of ciggerrate, a lighter and a packet of condoms.

Rita always supported Suman in various decisions some of them being a bit bold against so called social norms. But Rita always had trust on Suman that she will be not doing anything wrong or something which will hurt her. She never thought she can lie to her. She did not got the courage to even see inside Suman’s room. She immediately went outside and called Sadhana, one of the close friends of Suman.

“Beta I am Suman’s Mother, just want to know, can you tell me if Suman is under some pressure or anything wrong going on with her. I am a bit worried and you are the only one whom I know very well.” told Rita

“Aunty, Suman is not attending college post her placements. I have not met her for last 15 days. In fact she is not even picking my phone. So I have no idea. Only one thing, once I have seen her with Rohit, he is our immediate senior. But he does not hold good impression in the college. In fact he was restricted for getting weeds in the college and involvement in a sex scandal. I warned Suman but he told that he know how to take care of her and no one can take undue advantage. After that I never met Suman. On whatsap goup she told that she is going out of town on personal leave so also did not disturbed her much except few calls.” Told Sadhana

“Beta can you give me the details of that boy.” Told Rita

“Sure Aunty I will whatsapp the details with his photograph.” Told Sadhana

Rita cut off the call and got the message from Sadhana. She saw the photo of Rohit and called the number given by Sadhana. A mobile started ringing inside her house. She went inside and saw a mobile just near the bathroom, Rita’s number was displaying on the mobile. It was not locked. She picked the mobile and saw that whatsapp message notification was blinking. She opened the whatsapp and got a message conversation of Rohit with a middle age man as per the display pic. Rohit had messaged an address which was Rita’s flat’s address and told that man to come with the cash, some seminude pics of Suman was also there in the messages sent to that man. By seeing the pics Rita got sure that Suman has taken those pics as these were selfies and taken in the their bathroom only.

Rita almost became lifeless. With heavy breathing she slowly moved towards Suman’s room again.

She got shock of her life. Suman was sleeping on the bed with two man, one of them was Rohit and another one was that middle age man, all of them nude and in deep sleep. Probably dose of weed which Rita found in the balcony along with whiskey and ciggerrate resulted in such situation.

Rita felt lifeless. All her efforts wasted in a flash. She was not able to understand where she went wrong.

Next day Rita’s body was found in the lake in the back of her society.

It was just another suicide in the Lake for everyone but we know A working women, a widow, a fighter and most important A Mother passed away on that day.

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  1. What a sad story. Not all secrets are good ones. What would have happened if they had just talked about what she saw ...

    Seema - Artist & Writer
    Lonely Canopy - Scallywags Summer

  2. intense writing...tragic end...gripping tale.

  3. A heartening story holding a great message to parents.

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  5. This is a creepy story. How a good natured girl, well brought up, go so much out of line? Smoking, drinking, and sleeping with two men in the home she shares with her mother? Really difficult to digest.

    1. I am not judging anyone here but people somtimes live two lives..sometimes due to lack of proper supervision..ignorance..undue freedom..pushes a person to move in different directions..may be unknowingly...but it's late when they realise..I have seen some such cases in very short span of my tenure on planrt earth...though respect ur viewes..and thanks for visiting 🙏