Saturday, October 20, 2018

Back to Life


She called me at such an odd hour. This is unusual. She had told me in the evening that she and her friends are going to have dinner at her house. It is 11:30 pm only and with Mumbai standard, fun time is not yet started for weekend. So her colleagues must be with her. So why had she called me and asked me to come as soon as possible? Her voice was also not comforting. There was sense of panic & nervousness in that. Usually she sounds confident and clear, especially if she had 1-2 pegs with her favorite chain of smoke. I cannot avoid this call as she is my own cousin, we work in same office, though I did not liked her being so open, drinking, smoking, consuming drugs, her live in partner (Partner Number 3 in two years’ time) as all these had already put her parents status down in the society back at Benaras.

Both my uncle & aunty always treated her like princess and supported all her bold moves. They were proud of her achievements. Even the residents of government colony where they stay were quite proud of her and they used to tell their kids to follow her. But her last two years shut everything down. Probably she did the same mistakes what a girl from small town do after being independent and without any supervision at a place like Mumbai. They always tends to flow in the direction in which other flow, it starts with small things and slowly moves to bigger things. Her parents came to know after all the residents came to know about her, through various sources. They did not believed that, till her father had to rush to Mumbai for picking her from police station as she was caught in one of the illegal rave parties at Alibaug. And after that slowly they came to know about other things also. They tried to make her understand but she was in trance and treated everyone as enemy except her friends. Uncle told me to look after her as I was the only one in Mumbai whom they know and can trust and I also used to talk to her usually in office.

She has many friends and usually never call me like that. All sorts of bad thoughts came to my mind.

What if? She had again taken drugs and could not have control.

What if? She got again caught by police for illegal drugs.

What if? She had fight with her live in partner number 3 and tried to kill him like partner number 2.

What if? Her friends had fight (which usually they do) and someone is badly hurt.

What if? I go there and put myself in something really uncalled for things.

With these thoughts I reached her flat. Door was open. There was no light, no sound as if something really bad happened there. For once I thought to get back to my room, but the promise which I had made to her father stopped me. I went inside slowly. Suddenly lights got switched on and people shouted loudly “ Happy Birthday Vivaan” and music started playing with song “Baar baar din yeh aaye” a famous birthday song from Bollywood.

To my surprise I saw her standing with all of our office colleagues in front of me with a big cake on the table with living room wonderfully decorated. I checked the watch, it was 12:01….yes…it’s my birthday which I never celebrated properly since I came to Mumbai, at least not in such grand way.
I thanked everyone and cut the cake on which “HBD Brroo!!” was written…that is how she used to address me.

While everyone were busy enjoying their dinner. We two hanged out in the balcony. She told “Bro, I want to get back to my life….my family, you were always a big support for me…so I thought to start with you. I need you to take it further with me. You always cared about me irrespective of my mistakes. So I can always bank you.” She started crying. I tried to console her, and told that I am always with her.

“I am always with you. Frankly your’s today’s call chilled my spines. I cannot tell you what kind of thoughts came to my mind. You thought about celebrating my birthday and executed it so well itself speaks how much you give importance to relationships. After all family is family.” I told her.

“I know. I made mistakes some knowingly..some unknowingly. But now I would like to restart. And I will do it.” She told and this time with firm voice.

“By the way where is your partner number 3” I asked to make moment light a bit.

“He saved his life and fled on time.” She told and we both started laughing.

“Yes…..she is OK and back” I messaged to her father. I do not want to know the reason why this has happened or this change happening...I am sure nor her parents wanted to know.

She is getting back to life and that is what we all wanted ever.

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  1. Great and sweat story. A person who remembers others debt, will never be forsaken ever.

  2. Thanks a lot Sir...keep visiting :)