Friday, April 24, 2015

Speaking Eyes

Shoma:  “Are you sure Naina? It was his call?”

Naina: “Yes, I am sure. He himself had given me this number. I thought he is not serious so I did not saved it on my mobile. He usually does not share his private number.”

Shoma: “ must be very important else a Hero of his stature will not give 11 missed calls to a struggler actress like you. Why have you not received the calls?”

Naina: “Last night I was very tired due to Sharma ji’s party so I kept my mobile in silent mode. And also I was not expecting his call so late in the night. I saw these missed calls in the morning only and I do not know what to do now. He must be very angry.”

Shoma: “Listen to me. Raj is a discovery of Raja sir, the great producer and director of Bollywood industry. Raja sir saw him in a theatre when he was also a struggling actor. Raja sir shaped his life. Since he was in the phase you are in right now so he must understand. Better you go personally and talk to him. Who know you can be his “discovery” for the industry.”

Naina: “You are right Shoma. I will go in the evening.”

After few weeks Mid-day newspaper’s page 3 was filled with launch of new actress by Raja sir with superstar Raj. The actress name was Naina.

Shoma: “Wow girl you made it finally. Launching with big banner is always plus point. Its good you met Raj isn’t it. You are happy na?

Naina did not told anything to her best friend. But her eyes spoke....tears rolled down from her eyes, out of happiness or something else only Naina knew that.

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