Saturday, March 28, 2015

Summer for Lifetime...

“Sumit get ready we have to catch the train” told Sumit’s Mom

“Yes Mom…I am ready”, told Sumit

Once again Summer Holidays are here. Every year Sumit visits his Nani’s place in summer holidays.  But his last years’ experience at his Nani’s place stopping him to visit this year.

“Mom…can we do one thing….as you know my 8th internal board exams will be there this year….can I stay back at Ravi Chachu’s place and focus on study rather than going to Nani’s place?” asked Rabi crossing his fingers for a nod from his Mom.

“No Sumit, I cannot allow you to stay back, as you know your Nani is suffering from cancer and it may be your last meeting with her. Your Sushil Mama told me that Nani wants to meet you one last time. You have to come with us.” told Sumit’s Mom.

Sumit understood that “who” actually wants to meet him. They started the journey in time. 

Sumit was the only child of his parents. Usually Sumit feels happy to get to his Nani’s place, but this time he was sad. He knew how next one month of Summers is going to be for him. Last year’s memories flashed back in his mind. At Sumit’s Nani’s place its quite hot during summers and electricity hardly available for 3-4 hours. So most of the time during night Sumit & his father used to sleep on the terrace. His Sushil Mama (Mother’s younger brother) used to sleep in the Mango garden as he used to take care of more than 100 Mango trees owned by them. Sumit also wanted to sleep in the garden, but was not allowed. One day Sumit’s father had to go to town for some urgent work. In the night Sumit’s Mom asked Sumit not to sleep alone on the terrace. But Sumit loved sleeping on terrace. During summers the sky full of stars with various constellations always fascinated him.

“Sister Don’t worry. Let Sumit sleep along with me at Mango garden. He will enjoy it. What’ say Sumit.”  told Sushil Mama.

“Yes Mama…that will be fantastic” told Sumit happily. Sumit’s Mom agreed to that.

In the night Sumit had long chit chat with Sushil Mama. After sometime he slept. Suddenly in the midnight he heard some noise. He wake up and found Sushil Mama was not there. He noticed that the gardner’s room is open and someone is there inside. He went to check that. He found something which he had never dreamt of. He found his Sushil Mama watching porn movie on the small TV and drinking handia (rice beer). He saw that for some time and got back to his sleeping place. He was surprised but curious also.
After sometime he saw his Sushil Mama coming out of that room. He pretended to be asleep. Sushil Mama slept besides him and aksed,”Sumit, you liked the movie.”

Sumit was surprised,” What Movie Mama” he asked.

“Don’t tell me lie, I saw you watching the movie which I was watching. You were hiding near the window. Its not good for children of your age. Why you did so? I think you have watched such movies earlier.” Told Sushil Mama.

“No Mama, I have watched it for first time. Sorry, I should not do the same. I will not repeat it.” Told Sumit.

“Arre don’t worry. I will not tell the same to anyone. But you have to do something for me.” Told Sushil Mama.

“Oh yes Mama tell me what I have to do.” Told Sumit in anticipation that Sushil will not tell anyone.

“OK. Actually you have to do whatever I am telling you. Put off your clothes first.” Told Sushil

“What Mama? What are you asking me to do?” asked Sumit

“Do what I said. Else I have to inform about today’s episode to your parents.” told Sushil

“No Mama. Please don’t tell anyone. I will do whatever you will say.” Told Sumit

That night Sumit saw the worst face of the animal called Human Being. He was abused by his own uncle. This trend continues for next 4-5 days till the arrival of Sumit’s father. After few days summer vacation got over and Sumit came back to the town with his parents. He was afraid of telling about the incident to anyone as he thought no one will believe him. Sushil Mama is favorite of everyone. He took responsibility of the family at very early age after death of Sumit’s Nana. He decided to keep quiet and forget it.  
Suddenly Sumit’s thoughts got disturbed as there was a big jerk and he fall from his birth. Something hit on his head and he lost consciousness.
When he opened his eyes he found himself on hospital bed. His Sushil Mama and few more known faces were there.

“Sumit, how are you?”asked Sushil Mama

“I am OK Mama. What happened? Where are Mom & Dad?” asked Sumit

“Sumit, there is a bad news. The train by which you all were coming had met with an accident. Your Mom & Dad are no more. You were also in Coma for last two weeks. Be strong. I know how it feels to lost your near & dear ones.” Told Sumit

Sumit was speechless, he was not even able to cry. His world seems to came to an end abruptly.

After sometime he got discharged from the hospital. Sushil Mama brought him to his Nani’s place.

“ Sumit beta, you are a strong boy just like your Sushil Mama. I know you will be better than your Mama in taking responsibility. You will now stay with us. You are the only memory of my daughter now.” Told Sumit’s Nani and started crying.

“Don’t worry Mom we will take care of Sumit. He will study in the village school in day time and will be with me in the night time understanding the Mango business. Last Summers I found he was good at grasping the basics. What’ say Sumit?” told Sushil Mama smiling

Sumit was again speechless. He wants to shout and say NO loudly but somehow he can’t. He thought he missed the chance of saying anything to anyone. If he could have told to his mother gathering some courage, things might would have been different. He might not came to Nani’s place this summer. But destiny had something different for him. Now he know one thing…its going to be A Never Ending Summer for him….till he speaks out…but to whom…he missed the chance already.

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