Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pain of Lie

Ravi came very late today. Usually he comes back from office by 07:00 PM, but it is 10:00 PM today.

Same trend continues for 3-4 days. In fact he spent quite considerable time with his mobile phone as well as his Tab at home. After 2 days we are going to celebrate our first marriage anniversary. Ravi was quite excited about the same. But somehow he almost stopped discussing the preparation for our anniversary. His reply to my any question used to be in yes or no only. I thought there must be some office issues and I never interfere in his office stuffs.   

Today again Ravi came  back from office a bit early and straight away went to bed for sleep after getting fresh. I did not ask many things as he might be tired. Suddenly I saw his phone got a message on whattsapp. It’s quite unusual as Ravi is not fond of chatting at all except what he did with me before our marriage.  Out of curiosity I saw the message and got shock of my life. It was from a girl named Ramaya, as far as my knowledge goes I know all of his friends but never came across with this name. I scrolled up and saw that the chat is full of love talks and other intimate discussion which Ravi used to do with me. And more shocking was that the chat started 4 days back, the day he came very late first time and already crossed 1000 messages. He did not chat with me so much even during our courtship period of 3 months. I thought running into the bedroom and ask Ravi about all this. I ran to the bed room but Ravi was in deep sleep. I decided to ask him the same thing in the evening, but Ravi’s sister visited us in the evening with her family and I pretended everything being normal.  Next day Ravi left a bit early in the morning and again came quite late.

It was 2 hours to go for the date to change, yes, our marriage anniversary day is going to arrive. I had planned a surprise for the midnight celebration. But my mind and heart both were in different sphere altogether. I had loads of questions to ask him. But how to start? He was in deep sleep. Suddenly his phone buzzed. It was Ramaya’s message, she had asked Ravi if he discussed the issue with me or not?” I was shocked again, what Ravi was supposed to discuss with me? I lost my patience and wake up Ravi and asked about the whole Ramaya thing and what he was supposed to discuss with me. 

He told finally” See, Anushka, I was trying to talk to you for last 3-4 days but somehow did not got the courage. But now since you have seen my chat with Ramaya it’s a bit easier for me to say that. Anushka ….I want to move out of this relationship….I want to take divorce from you.”

This reply from Ravi shocked me totally I was lost….broken…I started crying and simply asked “ Ravi why you are doing this to me….after few minutes it will be our first anniversary….what mistake I did…you never told me or given me the hint of anything going on wrong. In fact whole society thinks that we are the best couple in town.”

Ravi told “I know what people think about us. But I have to think about myself also. After meeting Ramaya I realized that before getting into a serious relationship how important it is to spent time with you’re to be partner. Ours was arranged marriage. I met you only once before marriage and had few discussions online on chaton. You know what Ramaya is perfect for me in all respect. Moreover she is working at senior position and we both can lead a good successful life professionally & personally.  So there is no point in continuing with this relationship. In fact I suggest you also move on in your life and you also have one person who is still ready to accept you as his wife, Rajesh your college friend. I already had a word with him and he was OK with this.”

I was totally shattered. Next day I called my parents. There were various rounds of discussion between our families. In fact it started getting worse in few days. Then I decided to get separated from Ravi as because of this, life of most of the family members were getting disturbed. We got divorced. Ravi moved to USA. After three months I also decided to move on and got married to Rajesh, not because Ravi suggested but Rajesh on his own came forward and proposed me. I knew he always liked me during college but never expressed the same to me. We got happily married and started our new life. I tried and Rajesh helped me to forget Ravi. He in fact took the place of Ravi perfectly.

Our life was going on smoothly. One evening Rajesh came a bit late and was looking quite down. He did not have dinner and straightaway went to bedroom. After 3 days we have our anniversary and we need to discuss a lot on the celebration preparation. Memories of one and half year back flashed in my mind. 

This time I did not want to take any chance and I asked Rajesh what’s the matter. I started telling him how Ravi also started doing the same.

I started scolding Ravi like anything and asked Rajesh to tell me if anything is wrong. Rajesh shouted “Do not tell anything bad about Ravi. You know nothing.” I was shocked again but somehow gathered myself and asked Rajesh “You know what Ravi did to me, even then you are supporting him. I cannot understand this. Please tell me if something I really do not know “

Rajesh told “Ravi was a thorough gentleman. He really loved you and always wanted best for you. Just before 10 days from anniversary he came to know that he was suffering from blood cancer. That too almost last stage. He then and there planned how to save you future, how to save you from all the pain which he was suffering. He called me up and explained everything. He was the one who convinced me to marry you. You know what there is no Ramaya. He created her. He knew with a strong reason only he can move you away from him without knowing anything about his health. So he planned everything and his parents & your parents knew all these very well, they did whatever Ravi told them. Rest you can understand now on your own.”

I was lost in Rajesh’s statement, I asked “Than why you did not told me earlier and why now.”

Rajesh told “Today Ravi took his last breath at a hospital in USA. Therefore I was a bit down today. When you started scolding him than I couldn’t hold it back and told to you everything, though I had promised him not to tell you.”

I was shocked, broken from somewhere inside again. I cried….I cried whole night….Rajesh did not stopped me. He knew I had to cry….not only because Ravi is no more…but because he had to tell lie to me for my wellbeing. The day he lied to me, was the last day of our first year of association…… he had chosen that day to give me immense pain, which triggered me to leave him…..leave him in real pain. And now this pain of lie will be there with me forever, the pain of not accompanying Ravi till his last breath which I promised to him numbers of time.  

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