Friday, June 20, 2014

The Last Day of My Life......

“It is 6 in the morning and my maid came and wakes me up as usual. She helped me in getting freshen up and changed my clothes. I started my regular meditation session. Usually my “Inner Self” guides me how to spend the whole day as spending the whole day even is a big task for me now days.  Today my “Inner Self” seems to be happy. I asked the reason. She told me that today is the last day of my life. After long I felt like jumping with joy and my heart jumped though my body remains calm.

“So how you are going to spend last day of this life?” my “Inner Self “asked

“I want that today should get over as soon as possible. But I know it is not going to happen. Clock will not move faster for me. ” I told

“But before the end of this life I want to forget few things. “ I again told her with a smile after long

“I want to forget the pain my mother undergone to give me birth fighting against all odds as I was the fourth girl child in the family and my father & grandmother did not wanted me to see the world. They tried a lot, but failed to do so due to my mother. I wish I would have never borne.”

“I want to forget the night when my uncle sexually abused me first. I wished I would have told the same to my mother when it happened first time. But she was not there at that time. She was my only savior but God loved her much more than me and called her to him. I want to forget all such nights when he abused me as if I am an object.  I really hate my teens..…starting from 13 to 19, real dark period of my life. I wish I would have never grown.

“I want to forget the day my In-laws tried to burn me. I was burned 20% as somehow my neighbors saw me and saved me. I should have given statement to the police against my In laws but my husband somehow convinced me and told me that he will disconnect totally from them. I want to forget the office party where I was raped by the senior officials of my husband’s office. My husband planned everything just for promoting his career graph. I wished I would not have believed him. I wish I would have never married.”

“I want to forget the day I diagnosed with this deadly diseases know as AIDS. I wish I would have never gone to that so called office party. “

But today I am happy as this pain is going to end in next few hours. Though pain due to this disease which accompanied me for last 3 years is far less than the pain I experienced from the day I borne till I got separated from my Husband.

Now you go as I want to spend last few hours of my life listening to this song on loop….finally this song became quite apt for me….

“Stop now the speeding clock on SundayCause I don't wanna go another week”**

My “Inner self” smiled…and that to for the first time and I smiled back…..but the last time in this life.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

So, what would you do if you are told that today is the last day of your life? Will you hurriedly attempt to do everything in your bucket list or would you retrospect about life up till now, instead? Your blog post should start with the line, “It is 6 in the morning…”


  1. We can think about it or blog about but some people live all this...
    Sad and it reminded me to be grateful!
    You write well! :):):)

  2. Well written. Heart wrenching....and it's terrible even to think that such things do happen. It must be pure hell for the person.

  3. That's a sad one! But strong enough to hold me captive while reading. Well penned down!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes this is..but it happens...thanks for visiting Kalpana.

  5. Oh that was truly a sad one. Well written :)