Friday, March 28, 2014

Jab we "Never" met....

“What??? Are you serious?? I do not believe, this kind of thinking still exist in today’s world” told Ravi

“Yup…I know but this is a fact. My Marriage is fixed for next month and I don’t know much about the girl. I have not even seen photograph of her maybe I will get that after going to my village. I do not know her name even as of now. All I know is that she lives with her sister in Banaras at her Uncle’s place as her parents died in a road crash. Marriage is fixed by my Grand Father and no one can tell anything to him. In our caste Boy & girl are not allowed to meet even. I being the boy at least can see the photograph but she might have not seen mine  for sure. ” Told Shiva

“Crap…so you can’t do anything now.” Asked Ravi

“Nope ….I have 20 days of my bachelor life left and I do not want to waste them…therefore I called you..let’s plan to my bachelor’s night as I have to leave for my village after that.” Told Shiva

“Okeysss …I can give you an idea…let’s plan your bachelor’s night at Banaras…you just do  not inform your family members…you know her’s  Uncle name na ….we will go to Benaras for a week and celebrate your bachelor’s party and will try to find about your future wife also…what’ say?” asked Ravi

“Hmmm…I know her Uncle’s name and a bit about the location….I think we can give it a try ...but we have to be ultra-careful as my relatives are there in Banaras who have given the reference of that girl’s family…… I will not inform anyone in my family…you inform Sahil & Sujit..let’s go to Banaras.” Told Shiva

Four of them arrived at Banaras and started finding about Shiva’s future wife. Surprisingly they were not able to trace out much about her.

“See friends I thank all of you to help me in this search…let’s end this now and celebrate tonight.” Told Shiva

“You are right Shiva. I have asked our hotel manager. He had given me the address of a joint somewhere in Saket Nagar where we can enjoy properly as it’s a private restro -lounge. Let’s celebrate tonight.” told Ravi
Four of them reached the place suggested by the hotel manager. The crowd there was quite young and most of them were from BHU and some other private colleges.

“Damn…I can’t believe such crowd at this place….look at those girls they really define the “HOT” word here.” Told Ravi

They started celebrating the evening. Suddenly Sahil came with a hooka.

“Man….taste it…its real….you will love it.” Told Sahil and given it to Ravi

“Wowww..its awesome dude…its real weed…loved it man.” Told Ravi taking a shot from the hookah
After sometime they were under the influence of mix of alcohol and hookah shots.

Suddenly a girl came and told “Can I have one shot please.”
“Sure have it.” Told Ravi and given the Hookah to her

She took one shot and in first shot anyone can understand that it is her first shot ever, and also she might have drunk first time also.

“Take it slowly. What’s your name and where are you from?” asked Shiva

“What will you do by knowing my name? Anyways my surname is going to change soon so no point in telling anyone my name. “She told and took one more shot of Hookaah

“Hey Girl, what are you doing here? I was searching you for last 10 minutes. Let’s go back, its 10:00 pm now.” One more girl came shouting

“Hey, Mamta…come sit…these guys are having hookah…I thought to give it a try too..I don’t know if I get to taste it ever after.” Told girl and took one more shot of Hookaah

“Hi everyone. I am extremely sorry if she had disturbed you. We are here to have her bachelor’s party. We will move now.” Told Mamta

“It’s OK with us. By the way Congratulations and all the best.” Told Shiva

“Yesss…”All The Best” this is the wish I require right now…you know what..I will get married in 20 day’s time and I do not know whom I am going to get married…forget it I even do not know how he looks…therefore your wish is a must for me.” Told that girl and puked suddenly and loosed consciousness a bit.
Shiva helped Mamta to take that girl to the washroom. After sometime Mamta and that girl came out.

“Thanks a lot. I am extremely sorry we spoiled your party. Actually my friend is a nice girl. She is the topper of our batch from BHU. Its first time she boozed so could not controlled properly.” Told Mamta
“Nope I told you it’s alright.“ told Shiva

Slowly that girl regained some consciousness.

“ Hey Mamta, let’s go back it is late now and thank you Mr. for your help actually I never drank earlier. After one two peg I was not able to resist it. 
I was tempted. Moreover thought of marrying an unknown & unseen person added to that temptation. I want to forget everything for some time and alcohol was helping me that’s it.” Told that girl

“Hey its OK. I totally understand what you must be feeling.”  Told Shiva

“Really?? Okeysss…good…please wish me “All The Best” once again…I really require it.” Told that girl…alcohol is still playing its role

“I think we should go back to hostel else she will continue bothering everyone….in fact she has already asked many people to wish her “All The Best” in last 2 hours.” Told Mamta

“Ok..its nice meeting you both…take care and “All The Best”. Told Shiva

“Hey Shiva, I think she is you future wife. You both have the same issue…what’ say.” Told Ravi

“I think its time to wind up as Hookaah is taking control of our mind….dude they live in Hostel of BHU. They are students. Moreover she will not dare to do all this at place where she spent 27 years. This tradition is quite common in few castes including mine in this part of the country so forget it. Also my grandfather has selected her so he must have got all the reference check done. Going by his record of recruiting wives for his sons I cannot get this lucky to have a wife who  can dare to drink and have night out with friend so let’s forget it your guess is totally wrong.” Told Shiva and all of them got back to their Hotel

After Banaras Trip Shiva straight moved to his village and he asked his mother for the photograph after lunch.

Shiva got shock of his lifetime after seeing the photograph. His friend Ravi’s guess was 100% correct. Shiva was speechless.