Friday, March 7, 2014

Gift of Love....

Beep Beep!!

Cell phone of Soniya got a text.

“Who the hell had messaged so late in the night” thought Soniya

It was message from Jason

Jason: “Hey sweeto, I am waiting for your reply….tell me yes or no”

Soniya replied: “See, Jason I have not yet decided let me think over it for one more day. I will definitely get back to you.”

Jason texted again:” You can’t do this to me. It is already 10 days. Now I cannot wait anymore”

Soniya:”But you have told you will wait for me till your last breath. What happened now?”

Jason:”I can, but I cannot wait for the reply. You just tell ‘yes’ now, I will surely wait for you till I die.”

Soniya:”hmmm…but it is big thing for me…it can change my life totally. I am on the verge of taking a decision but one more day would be of great help. I have to think about my family also.”

Jason: “Your family is my family. And they will also understand, at all if they know about it. They like me and always appreciated my activities for the society. I think they are quite impressed.”

Soniya:”I know they are, but they might never have thought of this angle of our relationship. I think we should be careful on that.”

Jason:” Don’t worry about that Soniya. Have trust on me. See I have loads of evidences which can ruin your image in front of your family. But I never told to them. See trust it everything in this relationship. I trust you blindly and I expect that you should do feel the same for me. Now tell me your answer.

Soniya:”I know you did a lot for me. I would have been lost everything if you would not help me on that college outing and university election. Someone who cares for you only can do that. I have decided Jason. It’s a “YES” from my side.”

Jason:”Wowww… have no idea what you did for me. And don’t be tensed if anything wrong happens. I am always with you. Now relax and go to sleep, tomorrow is a new start for us..okey?

Soniya: “K”

Next morning Soniya wake up early and reached university gate. Jason was waiting there. They hugged each other. Jason handed over the parcel to Soniya.

“See Soniya, you have to hand over the same to the CM as our gift of love for him. You are new student leader and CM is going to visit university for formal meeting so you will have easy access to the CM and do not worry, you will be totally safe and no one will know about your this act or any other act you did earlier for your fun, not even your family. And believe me you’re YES last night means to me a lot. Thanks for doing this for our society. You have solved one of the main issues of the society by saying yes to this. You are a true fighter.”

Soniya smiled and moved inside University Campus.

Evening news was filled up with bomb blast in University and death of the CM.

Next morning dead body of the new student leader Soniya found behind the main campus of the university.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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  1. Oh! She was asked to deliver a bomb by a person she trusted & had said "k"...
    Terrorism definitely not ok, but so common... Reminded me of 'Dil Se' movie.
    Very nicely expressed :)

  2. When I started reading , I thought it was just a proposal but it was way too different from I thought! Shocking end! Nicely written :-)

  3. Shocking "twist" to the story! Least expected! And awesome write :)

  4. gift of love became gift of death for many,awesome writing