Monday, February 3, 2014

Picture in the Wallet

“Shraddha, Please rethink on that. You will have better option here.” Told Samikhsha

“No Mom, Delhi is “the place” for me. There are examples like Megha, Nayna who are doing wonders for their family now. They will pass out in few days and will land with good job at Delhi itself, right now they are contributing by doing part time job. I have to go to Delhi. I have to help my family. I have to help you.” Told Shraddha

“I know Beta, I have been to Delhi also. But I tell you it’s always tough for small town girls to move at the pace with which Delhi moves. You can get your graduation done here also.” Told Samiksha

“But getting a job will be tough. Let me go mom. I will not let you down and also Megha & Nayna are there na. I am going to stay with them only.” Told Sahraddha

“OK. As you wish but do take care, life will be different there.” Told Samiksha

“Don’t worry Mom. I will call you every day” told Sharddha and hugged her mom

SUV Girls Hostel, A333/4, Janakpuri, Main Najafgarh Road, New Delhi is the new address of Shraddha Sharma, a B.A. student at one of the college of DU. She belongs to a small town of UP. There she lives with her mother. She has never seen her father as her parents divorced after 1 year of her birth. Her mother always gets disturbed whenever she tried to ask about her father, so she never asks about him.

“Soumya meet our new roommate Shraddha, she belongs to my hometown. She is pursuing her graduation from DU.” Megha introduced Shraddha to Soumya

“Hi Shraddha, welcome to the land of opportunities” greeted Soumya

Sharddha was quite impressed in the first meeting with Soumya. Infact she was amazed with the life style of all, Soumya, Megha & Nayna. There rooms were full with branded stuffs.

“Yes, this is the life I want…I always dreamt of” Sharaddha Thought

Few days passed and with every passing day Sharaddha was getting more and more impressed and amazed with the lifestyle of her friends.
“How come they manage so much? They must be at the same financial level as mine. “ Shraddha thought

One evening Shraddha saw Soumya with latest version of i-Phone.
“Wowww…you brought it?” Shraddha asked…she was astonished
“Yes…today itself.” Told Soumya
“Just tell me know how you manage all this. Is it a gift from your BF.” Asked Shraddha
“Nope…I do not have BF anyways.” Told Soumya
“Your parents gifted the same to you….right?” once again asked Shraddha
“Nope…my father is an accountant in a private bank in Lucknow. The biggest gift from him is allowing me to stay at Delhi.” Told Soumya
“Then how come you manage all this…Infact I was supposed to ask you all…how come you all manage such a modern lifestyle being a student and on pocket money which last till 24th or 25th of every month. I have to think twice for even buying a proper Kurta from SN Market.” Told Shraddha

“We also manage on pocket money only, but not on what has been sent to us by our family. We earn our own pocket money.” Told Megha
“How you earn? I have seen you going out in the evening. Are you working for any call center?” asked Shraddha
“Nope..its another job…are you seriously want this lifestyle?” asked Soumya

“Yup…I have always dreamt of this lifestyle. I want freedom. I want my own space. Back there Mom never allowed me to even go for a movie in the evening. Here I got the freedom. No one is here to question me. But money is something which I want. I decided to do all this after getting a job. But now seeing you all it’s just impossible for me to resist such lifestyle. I can do anything to get this.” Told Shraddha

“OK. So get ready to lose something to gain this lifestyle.” Told Soumya

“What do you mean? What do I have to lose.” asked Shraddha

“Yourself a bit. See there are people out in the world who are in need of some kind of “pleasure” and we help them out. In the exchange we get help in the form of money. Its mutual exchange of power. “Sex” one form of power with “Money” another form of power. And it is 100% safe as all these guys belong to higher strata of society. Nothing gets revealed at any level. You can ask Megha & Nayna, they are doing it for last 1 year. Has anything revealed yet? Infact their parents are quite proud of them back in there town as they send money to their family. “Explained Soumya

“She is right. Megha & Nayna are examples for the girls back in her town. And there is no harm, if I will get some money and can live this lifestyle without revealing identity. True…I have to lose something to gain something” Sharddha Thought

“Done…I am ready…tell me how to proceed?” asked Shraddha

“See….we have one lady who tells us where to go. Today I was supposed to go to this address. You can start with this. The man is a senior executive with one of the marketing firm aged around 49-50. It will be safe. Matured men are quite awesome, I tell you” Told Soumya and handed over the address to Shraddha

Shraddha reached the said venue at 09:00 PM. A fare and tall man was waiting there for her.

The exchange of “Power” happened that night with all kind of “Protection”.

“Damn, it was cool…Its actually safe..…wow…my dream I come” Shraddha thought while getting ready to leave for her hostel in the morning.

“You are good. Will surely call you next week…just take the money from my wallet….its on the table…take all….let me reward you properly.” Told the Man

Shraddha picked the wallet and took the money. As she opened the wallet she saw a lady’s photograph in it.

She asked the man “Can you tell me whose photograph is this?”

“Yup..she is my ex- wife Samiksha. We divorced for some reason 23 years back. I loved her a lot. So always keep her photo in my wallet.” Man told

Shraddha was shocked. She ran from there. She was crying..she felt life less….she knew what had happened.

Finally she met the husband of her mother….and she do not know whom to blame for all this.

Her mother who never told about her father and reason for divorce to her….not even had shown the photograph of her father.

Her friends who “shown” her the way of “COOL” lifestyle.

Or herself who decided to do the “Exchange of Power.”

She doesn’t know in real whom to blame…..