Thursday, February 27, 2014


“Hey Jaan, where are you? Your mobile was switched off” Told Ramesh

“Arre I was in the class. It was class test today.” Replied Ramaya

“Okeyss…tell me one thing this XXXX202312 is your home’s telephone number” asked Ramesh

“Yup….it is. How come you know that? I have never given you this number.” Told Ramaya surprisingly

“I guessed. A lady had called up. He asked me upfront who am I and where I live. I saw the STD code and guessed it must be from your home. But how come anyone from your home know my number?” asked Ramesh

“I do not know. Wait a sec..have you sent anything to my home?” asked Ramaya

“Yup….the CDs you’ve asked for.” Told Ramesh

“Damn…I forgot to tell courier guy that I will be reaching home late. He might have handed over the parcel to my Bhabhi and she might have seen your number on the sender’s address.” Told Ramaya

“May be…anyways I have told her that I am from and has processed the order.” Told Ramesh

“Thanks Shona…you know what....she is a bitch. She is spying on me since I have brought the mobile phone. Today I will teach her the lesson.” Told Ramaya

“Keep it cool baby…don’t be hyper. I am coming to your town day after tomorrow. We will celebrate your birthday in my flat. Till than just be cool and calm, do not take panga from your jasoos Bhabhi.” Told Ramesh

“Okeyss..please come soon na Shona…my birthday without you is no fun…this is my first birthday with you….come soon.”

“I am coming baby..very soon…it is going to be memorable birthday ever…love you sweeto.” Told Ramesh

“Love you Shona…bye for now.” Told Ramaya and cut the call

“Hey Ramaya how was the test?” asked Sneha, Ramaya’s Bhabhi

“It was OK. By the way did you received any courier of mine?” asked Ramaya
“Yes…its there on the table. Who sent you this courier?” asked Sneha
“That’s none of your business. And did you called on the number written on the parcel?” asked Ramaya
“No I did not. Who told you that?” asked Sneha

“Someone from called up and told me that he had received call from our home landline. Are you spying on me?” Told Ramaya

“See Ramaya, I have been to the phase which you are undergoing right now. When Mom & Dad died in the car accident your Bhaiya told me that I am your mother and we decided not to have kids till you get matured enough. Its my duty that I should help you to get on in your life in a proper way. I am just helping you not spying on you. Have I ever stopped you doing anything? I always want your good that’s it. See, you are 19 now and at this age sometime we make mistakes especially when we get a lot of freedom. You have got that, I just want to make it sure that you should not get out of track due to this.” Told Sneha

“You please do not act like my mother…you are not my mother…you are wife of my Brother and that’s it. I am going to have a word with Bhaiya when he will come back from tour. I will tell him how you are spying on me.” Told Ramaya and shut the door.

After two days. “Happy Birthday Ramaya.” Wished Sneha with a bouquet of flower in the morning.
“Thanks. Today I am going to celebrate this with my class friends in the nearby restaurant. And it is a lunch so I will be back before sunset. Hope it is OK with you.” Told Ramaya
“Its fine with me. Just an advice do take care of yourself.” Told Sneha and moved out of Ramaya’s room

“Hey sweeto, many many happy returns of the day! So when are you coming to my flat. I have got surprise for you.” Told Ramesh

“Hey Shona, thanks a ton. I will be at your place by 12:30 pm.” Told Ramaya

12:30 PM at Ramesh’s flat.

“Wowwwww… have decorated this room so well…..and that too all for me…love you Shona….love you a lot….” Told Ramaya

“Its for you baby…and this is the gift for the birthday girl.” Told Ramesh and gave the gift pack to Ramaya
“Oh My God….this dress is so cool…it must be costly na.” asked Ramaya happily

“Yup….but you are priceless for me..its nothing. Now you cut the cake and I have arranged for lunch.” Told Ramesh

Ramaya cut the cake and hugged Ramesh.

“Now you please show me how this dress looks on you. In the mean time I will get something to drink.” Told Ramesh

Ramaya changed and Ramesh got chilled beer to drink.

“Wow…you look hot & sexy in this dress…hope you are not feeling shy in this.” Asked Ramesh

“Nope…I am a smart, bold & modern girl…I can carry such dress very easily… are everything to can I be shy in front of you.” Told Ramaya

“Now that is what I like in you….you are bold & beautiful….let’s have beer…hope you can handle them as well.” Told Ramesh

“ Yup…that’s not a problem…I can have more than one bottle…hope you have got enough of those.” Told Ramaya

Anyone can easily guess that Ramaya had never drank alcohol after her first sip.

“I know you can do this Ramaya, do not worry I am here with you.” Told Ramesh

Slowly alcohol started playing its role.
Ramesh slowly started undressing Ramaya.

“Ramesh what are you doing. This is not right.” Told Ramaya who is not in her proper sense after one & half bottle of beer.

“Jaanu, do not worry. This is going to be the best gift for your birthday. The pleasure you will get is out of world. I know it is your first time and there is always a first time. I will take all protection do not worry. You trust me na?” asked Ramesh

“I trust you Shona. After death if my parents you are the only one who understood me. Gave me love. I love you, I am all yours.” Told Ramaya and kissed Ramesh

Ramaya for the first time was getting her body explored by a man. On the other hand Ramesh was experienced of the two. Ramaya under the influence of Alcohol & her hormones started exploring her own sexuality as well as a man’s body. In no time she became out of control. Ramesh understood the same and allowed Ramaya to explore in her own way. Ramesh just guided her the way to explore the same and he knows very well that pleasure to teach a virgin girl something and then let her take the pleasure of discovering everything is out of world. Ramesh seems to have had his fair share of virginity hunting already before. After sometime Ramaya got tired. Alcohol and sex put her in without proper sense.

After sometime Ramaya started coming back to senses. She suddenly heard Ramesh talking to someone.

“Man, she is awesome. Go and enjoy she will be in her full senses anytime. I will be back in one hour. But mind it this will finish the deal. Now I do not owe you anything.” Ramesh Told to someone

Ramaya saw someone entering the room. She tried to get up from the bed but she can’t. She tried to shout but suddenly that man put his hand on her mouth. She knows something was going wrong. But she can’t do anything. She is very tired and still under the influence of alcohol. That man treated her body as some lifeless thing and got the pleasure out of her body, this time she was feeling the pain tremendous pain. She was bleeding profusely. She lost her senses once again.

After some hours Ramaya got back into senses. She found herself on the main highway. It was getting dark. She understood that she has lost everything. She wanted to get back to her Bhabhi, her words were striking her mind, she wants to cry, she wants to shout but she can’t do anything. A smart, bold & modern girl lost totally. She had no idea what to do now. 
Finally she decided and next day body of a 20 year girl found in the Town Dam. Society lost a smart, bold & modern girl.

Think: A new case of Sexual Assault is reported every 22 minutes in India. 78% are by someone who is from the family or closely known person

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



  1. A beautiful writeup for a sensitive issue.

  2. Maturity generally comes with age, blindfaith on someone cud be too dangerous..
    Illustrated well vd ur story Amit.. Applause 👏 👏