Monday, February 10, 2014


 01:30 AM

Satya: hey Baby

Tayasha: hay Jaan. You know what…I want you ASAP

Satya: I also want you…….ASAP

Tayasha: I know…take me away with you.

Satya: How i wish u where here :(

Tayasha: I know Shona….but can’t help….all I want is to be with you

 Satya: yeah i know…….. I Love You naaa

Tayasha: I love you too shona…..kitna..pata nahi

Satya: what can we do shona :(

Tayasha: I do not know : (

 Satya: Do not worry we will be together one day……mmmmuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Tayasha: Yess…abhi toh isi se kaam chalana padega……..mmmmmuaaaaahhhh

Satya: I will manage with your kisses and your voice, but for how long I don’t know…send me your new pic na..its been long you have not send any : (

Tayasha: Its December and I am in Shimla right now…I do not have courage to take any snap that too without any cloth: p

Satya: hahahah…ok…ok…but I have not asked for your nude pic….I asked for new pic :p

Tayasha: hahaha…I know what you want

Satya: Do something baby…try to come here ASAP….it has been long making wild wild love to you

 Tayasha: I am trying jaan…will come soon…till than you manage with my old pics…will send you some new one soon…

Satya: Okeysss…chalo I will wait for that…love you na jaanu…bye…TC

Tayasha: love you too shona…you are my life…you are everything to me…bye and TC


“Hey Satya! What are doing so late in the night? Tomorrow we have meeting with Purchase in charge of R&R company. Its important deal you know that.” Told Sourav roommate and colleague of Satya

“Arre nothing…I am shutting down my Tab…and for tomorrow’s meeting I have already did my homework…do not worry.” Told Satya, Marketing Executive of PNB bearings Limited, Faridabad

“I know you are chatting with the same girl. I warned you na…keep distance from know how she is.” Told Sourav

“Hey buddy, I know how she is, but its cool to be in contact with her till anything bad happen, so do not worry I can handle that.” Told Satya

Next day Satya did a wonderful job and bagged the contract from R&R Company.

“Wonderful presentation Mr. Satya. I am really impressed. Would like to have a drink with me in the evening.” Asked Jyothi Kumar, Procurement in charge of R&R Company.

“Sure sir…but let it be on my account…you are esteemed client for us.” Told Satya

“No issues. You can pick me from the hotel at 8 pm” told Jyothi

Satya picked Jyothi from the hotel in the evening and reached “Synk Lounge Bar” one of the best in Faridabad.

Both of them were enjoying the evening. They became good friend in no time. Alcohol also started playing its role and they started sharing openly about their life and other things.

Suddenly Jyothi got a call.

“Yes, mom. I am fine. How is Purvi. Can you give her the phone?” asked Jyothi to his mom on phone

“Hi Bhaiya! How are you? Enjoying Faridabad…I have awesome memories of that place.” Told Purvi

“I Know. This place is a bit crowdy but good.” Told Satya

“Bhaiya I have send you the address of my hostel warden of Faridbad on your mail…Please go and handover my gift to her.” Told Purvi

“Sure I will, let me check the mail….bye for now and take care of mom.” Told Jyothi and cut off the call

“Hey Satya, can I check my mail on your Tab, I want to know about an address, you can help me…somehow my GPRS is not working.” Asked Jyothi

“Sure sir, its all yours. In the mean time I will come back from washroom…this beer is kicking off now.” Told Satya

“Hahaha…its OK…you take your time…we have to go for another mug of is awesome in winters at times.” Told Jyothi and laughed

Jyothi switched on Satya’s Tab. As he was going to log in to his mail account, he found a mail popped up. May be Satya has synchronized his mail account. Jyothi accidently clicked the popped up mail and a download started.

Hey Shona…missing me naa…as promised and just for you I am sending this…and believe me your love given me the courage for same…, Tayasha” this was the message in the mail.

“Oh may be she is Satya’s girlfriend, she might have send something for him which accidently I downloaded. Let me see….oh it’s a JPG file…must be some picture….” Thought Jyothi and out of curiosity he clicked on the picture thumbnail.

As picture opened Jyothi got shock of his lifetime. Picture was of Purvi who is using an ID with different name…Tayasha. Jyothi was speechless and lifeless

Suddenly Satya arrived

“Oh Sir you have seen this picture…even I am seeing it first time…. but do not worry sir….you are now my friend…I can share this with you…she is not my girlfriend…she is a high level flirt…earlier I used to like her…but I got some apprehension as she used to be online throughput the night. I hacked her account and came to know that she flirt with boys a lot and send this kind of nude pictures to three – four of the boys earlier. Therefore I am simply in contact with her for time pass that’s it. If you want to see some more picture of her you can go to my G drive. I can share anything with you.” Told Satya and hugged Jyothi. Satya was totally under the influence of alcohol.  

Jyothi did not told anything and left the place.

Next morning Jyothi was found dead in the room of the hotel, reason was overdose of sleeping pills. No suicide note found.

His mom, sister Purvi alias Tayasha, new friend one knew the reason for the same...but someone betrayed some one...Do you know?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental