Friday, January 24, 2014

The Girl In The Last Local

“Arre Mahesh, its already quite late …you do one thing, take my bike and also on the way hand over this paper to Sharma ji” told Seth Ji, shop owner of the famous fruit shop in the central market.

“Thanks Seth Ji, I will hand over the same to Sharma Ji on the way” told Mahesh, the salesman in Seth Ji’s shop

He was happy he that he got the bike as tomorrow is Sunday and he can go to Juhu Chaupati with his fiancée, Chanda and can roam around the city on the bike.

“Hey Mahesh you are here so late. Anything urgent” asked Sharma ji after opening the door.

This is the time when Shrama Ji used to be totally under the magic of red rum.
“Sharma ji, Seth Ji has told me to handover this paper to you. I was a bit late today so he has given me the bike and your home is on the way to my house so he asked me to deliver it” told Mahesh

“ the way I came to know that you are going to married in one month. You must be excited” asked Sharma Ji

Mahesh could not tell anything and just smiled.

Sharma ji gave Mahesh a Rs. 500 note and offered drink. Mahesh was hesitant to take drink as he had to ride the bike.  

Suddenly Mahesh saw that the front tyre of the bike was puntured. 

“The tyre couldn’t have chosen a better time to get punctured” Mahesh thought

“Oh…your bike’s tyre seems to be punctured. You will not get any mechanic also. What will you do now its getting late” asked Sharma Ji

“I don’t know how it happened, what to do now?” Mahesh asked

“You do one thing….you sit with me….have few pegs of rum…after 1 hour you can catch the local from the nearby station…its hardly 5 minutes’ walk from here.  You keep the bike in my garage. Tomorrow morning you can come and take it” suggested Sharma Ji

“Yes, you are right. I will come tomorrow morning to take it. Thanks a lot Sharma Ji” told Mahesh and sat with him for the drink.

After the short celebration he kept the bike and rushed to the railway station. He got the last local fortunately.

Trains bogey seems to be totally vacant. He sat near the gate and started thinking of her fiancée Chanda. Suddenly he heard a female voice. He saw a girl sitting in the last sit of the bogey. She was talking to herself and crying in between.

He went near that girl. Her clothes were torn at few places. Hairs were totally disordered. She seems to be in late teens or early 20s.

“Who are you? What is your name?” asked Mahesh

“My name is Rani and I am 7 years old. I read in class 2.” Girl replied

Mahesh got surprised to hear the answer.

“Where are you going? Anybody is there with you?” once again asked Mahesh.

“I am going to Nani Ghar. My father will be coming soon. He went down the train to get water for me few days back. Lot of people came on the train and talked with me and played with me various games, but he has not come yet. Now I am not feeling well.” told that girl

Mahesh understood. She has grown physically but her mental capacity is not more than a child. He checked her closely. She was beautiful. If she would have been in proper dress and cleaned, she would have been quite pretty and attractive. By this time alcohol also started playing its role in the mind of Mahesh.

“Would you like to play with me” asked Mahesh

“Yes…but don’t hurt me, I am not feeling well anyways” girl told

Mahesh forgotten everything and sexually assaulted the poor girl. Girl cried a lot but alcohol brought the “bad” Mahesh out , who is not listening anything and continued satisfying his hunger for sex.

“Hey girl, game is over, don’t cry now” drunk Mahesh told the girl after he was done with his brutal act.

Girl continued crying. Mahesh tried to stop her from crying. Suddenly train stopped at a station and one man and a lady boarded the train. They saw the girl crying and Mahesh trying to stop her from crying.

“Hey what happened? Why is she crying? “That man asked Mahesh

Mahesh had taken a back. He was feared if girl tell anything to them. Moreover he is drunk.

“Aaaa…I don’t know…I just boarded the train in last station…I found her crying…she is mentally challenged..may be her family had left her on her own…I was just trying to help her.” Told Mahesh

The lady went near that girl and tried to console her.

“She got fever. We should inform the railway police. She requires treatment.” Lady told

“See gentleman, we are working for an NGO which takes care of orphans. We will take care of this girl. You just give your number and detail so that we can get the formalities done. You have to declare that you find her in the train alone. We will inform the police and take her custody. You will get a reward of Rs. 2000 for the same as you helped her finding a shelter.” That man told Mahesh

Money attracted Mahesh. Two thousand is good money for him. Anyways girl is not in a position to explain anything so there is no risk. He gave his mobile number to that man.“Please see her to a doctor and do tell me about her condition. “told MaheshThey got down in the next station with girl.

“Bye uncle, aunty told me she is going to take me to my father.” Girl told and they got down

Next morning Mahesh woke up quite late, he was not feeling good. He was feeling ashamed for what he did. With very heavy heart he got ready and moved to take the bike from Sharma ji. He boarded the local train. Bogey was little bit crowded, nut not as much as working days. Since the route was same, last night incident flashed in his mind. He was feeling guilty.

He reached Sharma Ji ‘s house and took the bike to a mechanic. While he was getting the punctured tyre ready he got a call. It was the man from the NGO.

“Hello sir, how is she? Have you saw her to doctor? Hope everything is fine” Mahesh asked

“Hello Mr. Mahesh, we saw her to the doctor. She had been to really bad phase in last few days or may be months. Just want to inform you that she has AIDS. She is not going to survive. She is in really bad shape. I think she might have got this disease transferred by someone who sexually assaulted her. Anyways we have started the treatment. You please come and take your reward money. Thanks for helping once again.” Man told and cut the call

Mahesh was shocked. Apprehensions of getting the disease surrounded his mind. His last night act is going to cost his life, this is the punishment he is going to get for his one brutal act. His eyes got fixed to the punctured tyre which is getting repaired. 

But can the life of girl can be repaired? Can the life what Mahesh is going to get be repaired?

Answer is a big “NO”.

PS: Plot of the story has reflections of an incident happened in Andhra Pradesh some time back.Rest all are fictional work. 

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