Friday, January 17, 2014

From The Eyes Of A Fish.......

Hi…my name is Angel. I am the oldest fish in this aquarium and I am the favorite of Memsaab. She always takes extra care of me during feeding as well as when our home, aquarium is getting cleaned.

I do not know her real name. Every night different persons visiting her call her with different names. They never treat her well. She shouts. She cries at times. But no one listen to her. They simply throw some piece of papers on her body while leaving and sometimes few don’t. Her body seems lifeless till morning.

In the morning after getting fresh she always feeds us. She talks a lot with me. We can’t understand each other but I try to communicate that I am with her by keeping my self close to the part of aquarium in front of which she sits while all my “aquarium mates” always keep themselves away from her. She always cries. Water coming from her eyes for only reason that she is sad.

But last night was different. One man came with a bottle with him. He did not even touched Memsaab. He simply sat on the chair close to Memsaab’s bed and started talking. Memsaab was also enjoying , she was laughing, and she looks pretty while laughing. She was pouring something from the bottle in the men’s glass. They talked till the morning. Man while moving out did not thrown the pieces of paper on Memsaab, he handed over the same properly to her.

Now she is feeding us. She is again crying. But I know and can feel that water coming from her eyes are coming for a different reason. She is happy today. May be that ‘Man’ with bottle had promised her to visit again. 

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