Friday, December 20, 2013

The Honeymoon.....

“Wow….what a place Rahul” told Romila. She seems to be very excited visiting Kerala finally.

“Yup…this is…therefore this is known as God’s own country. You were so behind me for last 3 months that I have to make a trip to this place. And I am happy you insisted so much. I also liked the place and our second honeymoon within one year of our marriage” told Rahul and hugged Romila.

“By the way tomorrow morning I am going to meet Ragahwan, my ex-boss in another hotel nearby. He has some good offer for me in his new company. It will be good if you come along with me. I know you don’t like mixing work with personal life but this may be a good opportunity. . We can go for some site visit from there itself” Rahul told

“That’s OK love. You made the trip exclusively in the mid of the financial year, I can at least let you take care of few things related to your work. I will love to go with you to meet Mr. Raghwan.” Told Romila
It was surprising for Rahul but he is happy that Romila is not upset with this mixing of work & personal life.
It was second day of their second honeymoon at Kerala. Rahul wake up and found that Romila is still asleep. Usually she wakes up early. He got fresh and was ready to go to Raghwan’s hotel in no time. He saw Romila was still sleeping.

“Romila, are you alright? I am ready. Are you coming with me?”, Rahul asked kissing on her forehead.
Romila didn’t told anything but simply gave a glance to Rahul and fall asleep once again.

Rahul was confused as yesterday she was ready to come and now suddenly she is not responding.
“See I am getting late. I will come back in two hour. Hope by that time you will get ready.” Rahul told and left to meet Ragahwan.

Rahul hired a car and asked the driver to take him to hotel Le Maridian. Suddenly Rahul’s mobile rang.
“Hey love, it is going on as per plan. Romila is not with me. I was clean bowled when she agreed to come with me. She never likes to mix personal & professional life so I was damn sure she will not come with me and we can spend quality two hours together. But when she told she will come, my heart stopped beating. Somehow I spend the whole night in planning where to take her and how to meet you. But as usual she was not ready to come with me in the morning. Now I am coming to you in few minutes….it has been long making wild wild love to you. I always wished you were there back at Delhi. Anyways let’s not miss this chance. Only thing bothering me is that why the hell she changed her mind. Also she behaved a bit weird. Am I forgetting something or missing something…anyway love here I come” Rahul told someone on the phone and cut the call.

Rahul started thinking hard if he is missing something…why Romila behaved like that.

Suddenly he saw the date on his iPhone….its 27th of October…his face became pale.
“Oh shit…its her birthday today…damn how come I forgot that….Romila will kill me for forgetting this…in the excitement of meeting Sugandha I messed up all” Rahul thought

Rahul tried to call Romila but her mobile was switched off. He then called the manager of his hotel and asked him to arrange bouquet and a birthday cake. He asked the driver to take him back to the hotel.
“Hey love…I am getting back to hotel…got something urgent…will get back to you on phone and will plan to meet in the evening….buy for now” Rahul told Sugandha and rushed toward the hotel.

In ten minutes he reached hotel. Manager of the hotel in the meantime arranged the bouquet & the cake.
“Thanks buddy…only one more favor I want…if you have the master key…than kindly open the door of Room number 208. I would like to give this surprise to my wife”, asked Rahul

“Sure sir, I know you guys are availing honeymoon package…this kind of surprises make it more fun…we will love to make this happen. Here is the key please open it and hand over to the room service guy” Manager replied and handed over the master key

Rahul along with room service guy reached to the room. Tag of “Do Not Disturb” was hanging on the door of the room. Rahul was surprised to see the tag as it was not there when he left in the morning.

“May be she is actually not well or is upset because I did not wished her and don’t want anyone to disturb”, Rahul thought. He opened the door slowly and gave the key back to room service guy.
As he went inside he heard two voices one is of her wife and another is of a man who he did not able to recognize.

“Hey love…how I wish you were back at Delhi. It’s so long making wild wild love to you like this” Romila to the man

“No issues…I will get transferred back to Delhi in next few month. Just tell me how fast you can go for filing a divorce.” Man asked Romila

“I think just after first anniversary I will go for it. I got married to him because my father liked him and without this marriage I would have loosed whatever I got from my father‘s property, that was the condition from him. But now my father is no more and property paper will be handed over to me in next 2-3 months” Romila told

“Oh that’s great…but will he spare you so easily” man asked

“He has to…in fact he also married me just to pay back to my father who made his carrier. He is in a relationship with a girl named Sugandha. I have enough evidence to prove him guilty if he will not leave me. In fact he must be making love to her even now which is getting recorded through the camera installed in the room where she is staying. Thanks to your network here, it really helped and your idea of bringing him here on honeymoon actually helped.” Told Romila

“Oh my are real dirty mind. Hope you are not spying on me” that man asked

“Nope my love…you are everything to me…in fact the best thing ever happened to me…let’s not waste more time he will be here in next one hour…so hold me tight…make the love like you always made to me at Delhi…show me your wild side once again” told Romila and both continued making love and her words got converted into moaning.

Rahul was clean bowled in real this time. He slowly moved out of the room and called Sugandha,” Hey love…congratulations….let’s plan our marriage…but first let’s make love like we made at Delhi…get ready to see my wild side in few minutes “

And the honeymoon continues………….

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