Friday, December 13, 2013

Lady at The Coffee House...

“Hey Robin, help me out buddy, I have to sell my flat as soon as possible” Ashwin told Robin on phone

“Are you sure?..... Man, next month will be your last EMI and officially you will be the owner. You will not get such location in the price at what you have taken it.” Robin told Ashwin

“You have no idea Robin what happened today. Meet me in next half an hour at CCD.” Ashwin told and cut the call.

Robin reached CCD and saw Ashwin already sitting there.
“It’s a surprise; you always used to call me at the Old Coffee House, now CCD at a sudden. Everything alright na” Robin asked Ashwin 

“Robin I have told you about a lady na…who used to sit just in front of my usual place at Old Coffee House often. For last three days I am finding that she becomes a bit attentative when I enter the coffee house. Today I caught her looking at me. And even I wanted to know about her, so I started the conversation.” Ashwin told

“Great, that’s good. After your divorce from Renna you are alone, you need a partner, you are only 45 now. So what happened next?” Robin asked

“I asked her name. Her name is Smita. Initially she was hesitant to talk. But after some time she became comfortable. I admired her dressing sense. She always wears a sari with very light makeup. She looks quite decent and full with dignity. For last 4-5 days she is coming to the coffee house with a magazine and sits there for half an hour to one hour. She also enquired about me and my family. I told her that I am a divorcee and about my job. Then she started taking interest and even I enjoyed talking to her and her company. So I told her about my past and given the address of my flat. I also told her that I am staying alone. She noted that and told me that she will like to meet me alone in my flat. It was a bit surprising, though I liked the idea but also got an apprehension that how come she gets ready to meet me at my flat just after first meeting. Suddenly she told that she has to go somewhere as she has urgent work. She took my cell number and told me that she will call and meet me in my flat after 2-3 days. By that time a doubt already developed about her. You know today high profile escorts are available so easily.” Told Ashwin

“Damn, beware Robin I know you are alone for quite some time but if at all she is a call girl than you never know what is going to happen next. It may be wonderful or may lead you to something bad.” Robin warned Ashwin

“I know but she doesn’t seem to be a call girl. The way she was dressed and was very primp & prompt and looks very homely. Then I decided to follow her. She went to the basement where car parking was there. She gets in a car and after 10-15 minutes she came out. She called someone on mobile phone and then what ever I heard even now I can’t believe.” Told Ashwin

“So I am right she was a call girl. She might have called her next client after getting her job done in the car with the customer..right?” asked Robin

“You are right she did her job, but she called to someone who definitely was not his customer but the master. She told “Sir, the job is done. I am moving out and the good news is that we have got another target. He leaves in Marvel Heights in flat number 9, 5th floor. He leave alone their and I’ve got his cell number. I am going to meet him after 2-3 days. He is going to be our 3rd target in 5 months with this rate we can be rich in no time. “And then she cut off the phone and moved out of basement.

“Damn, this is your flat number Ashwin.” Robin told surprisingly

“Yes, and when I moved close to the car in which she moved in, I saw a middle aged person, lying dead. She killed him and that was her job.  She might have done this by injecting some deadly poison as the body was slowly turning blue. ” Told Ashwin

“I immediately went to the Coffee House and informed the manager. He with security guard of Coffee House rushed to the basement. Security guard told me that he is a banker and lived alone in the apartment near by. He was regular to the Coffee Shop. Also he told me that 2 days back he had seen him with the lady who also used to come to Coffee House for last seven days. The description was of none other than Smita.” Told Ashwin

“Oh my God, it means she was a killer and her target is alone middle aged man who got decent social profile and money. Like in first meeting you were so impressed that you have given her your cell number & address and also fixed the meeting. It will not be surprise that in 2-3 meetings she can take maximum advantage out of such target.” Told Robin

“Yes, the group she belongs to must have targeting people like me who are a bit desperate to get a companion, lady with such profile is 100% fit for their requirement. Therefore I called you up to sell the flat and for the time being I will be your guest at your house.” Told Ashwin

“That is OK. But if not you than someone else will be the target. Let’s got to police station and inform them, our good friend Inspector Ronit is there. He will help you out” told Robin

“Yup, you are right let’s got to police station, but either you get my flat sold or let the police catch hold that killer gang. Till then I am your guest.” Told Ashwin

“Done baba, but for now let’s go to police station” told Robin and they moved to the police station.

And in the meantime the lady at the Coffee Shop and her gang must have been searching for another middle aged target that is alone and searching for companion. Are you one of them? Beware!

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  1. Thrilling! Very nice attempt indeed. All the best

  2. Thrilling but hope she gets caught by the long arm of the law.

  3. that's a gripping tale, very well written. I tagged you again for blogadda's pass activity,
    I hope you will respond again.