Thursday, December 12, 2013

Clean Proposal....

 “Have you ever seen him clean shaved?” Ramya asked Punita

“Nope, he never shaves completely. And I am in love with him with this look.” Punita told

“Then what’s the problem?”. Ramya asked Punita

“My father saw him one day and texted me “I hate than unclean stubble. He is of the view that a man who doesn’t even keep himself clean can’t take care of me. I told about this to Shovit. He told me that he will get it clean shaved. But I like his looks. So I asked him not to be clean shaved. Everything is on hold as of now.”  Told Punita

“You know what Ramya, Sovit is right, let him get clean shaved…you guys are in love and that is what matters, once you guys get married after that you can ask him to get the look back. But I am sure once you will like his clean shaved looks” Ramya told

“No way, this look is awesome. But you are right; there is no harm in trying this to get consent from my father. I’ll ask him.” Punita told

Next morning Shovit came to Punita’s house . She first time saw him clean shaved. His clean shaven look bowled her over. Her father liked Shovit’s a lot and gave his consent.

 “Shovit, I like this look far better, don’t dare to grow your those hairs again.” Punita told and Shovit smiled and hugged her.

Next day Punita asked Ramya “ You were right, now I don’t want Shovit to have rugged looks again. How you knew that?”

“I know Shovit for long, we grew together and I have seen him clean shaved and you are my best friend I know what you like and what not.” Told Ramya

Punita smiled & hugged Ramaya.

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