Friday, November 22, 2013

The Target...

Deepa Singh is the current state champion in Archery. She is quite well known sports person and being famous has its own pros & cons. She was the only non-tribal archer in the state team in which all other players were tribal which is result of the quota system applicable to the state since the state formed. She became the champion on ‘pure merit’ by defeating all other competitors by quite a margin. In fact points she earned was a state record. Some liked them in team and most doesn't.

Annual state championship was coming closer. It was only 4 months to go. Deepa  as usual was coming out of the Archery Ground after her practice session. As she reached the parking area two persons on bike with mask came close and thrown some liquid on her face. Being a sports person her reflexes were quite good so she tried to save herself from the liquid but couldn't succeed to save herself completely.

Theek akahan nai padisle bhaga bhaga, pakdai jaeb nai toh” (It has not been put on her properly anyway let’s run away else we will be caught) man sitting behind the bike rider shouted in some tribal language and they flew away in no time. 

Deepa was in severe pain. It was a brutal ACID attack on her. Suddenly her coach David sir saw her. He ran to help her. In no time he understood what might have happened. He called the ambulance and took her to hospital.  Immediately she was attended being the state champion. After 3 hours of treatment she was shifted to private ward. Doctor informed that her face is 40% damaged, she lost her right eye but her left eye seems to be OK.

Deepa’s parents were totally broken. They had never thought that this will happen to her.
“I was telling her to stop playing as we used to receive number of threatening calls but she didn’t listened us”, her mother told David sir and started crying.

“We informed to police also. But we never got the support from them properly. We are still treated as migrant and outsider in the state, though it is our fourth generation here”, her father told David sir and also started crying.

David sir consoled both of them and told, “Don’t worry as far as I know Deepa, she is a brave girl. She will definitely bounce back. I am 100% sure she will play this year also and will be the champion.

“No. We will not allow her to play anymore. She made the district & state proud and her own co-players are against her. Thanks to whatever you did for us. Let us leave in peace.” Deepa’s father shouted on David sir. He left understanding the situation.

Next day David sir went to meet Deepa. She was not properly  recognizable because of the acid attack on her face. Only thing properly visible was her left eye and some of the portion around that. She was still in severe pain. But she was able to speak “Hi David sir” she greeted her teacher. Pain of acid attacj was quite visible in her voice also. He did not spoke anything and left. He continued doing the same for next few days.

After one and half month, one day David sir came with the local newspaper which was having highlight that all the culprits of ACID attack had been caught. It was the first runner up of last year championship who was the main culprit. She only hired some local goons to perform this brutal attack.
Finally David sir can see bit of smile on Deepa’s face, at least it seems that she was smiling.

“Sir, whatever I can do I did for Deepa. My only request to you is that please allow Deepa to do whatever she wants in her life.  I know she is very special. And will definitely bounce back next year or next to next year. She has the potential.” David sir requested to Deepa’s father

“Why next year sir? Why not this year. I have my one eye intact. And this is what requires hitting The Target. I have 2 months to go. “ Deepa told David sir. There was determination in her voice. Even her parents were now sure she will prove everyone that she is the best and a real brave heart.

After two months the State archery ground was totally jam packed. Everyone came to see the brave heart and their champion. And this brave heart won the heart of everyone present on the ground including the competitors. She retained her championship. This time, she raised the bar so high that no one was even near to the points she earned.  She saw David sir and David sir knew that she is going to be the next champion at the National Level.  She is going to raise the bar further for everyone in coming years. 

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  1. Great post amit .

  2. Beautifully narrated. It simply inspired me.

  3. An inspirational take on the prompt. Good one :)

  4. inspirational story,acid can't stop the brave.

  5. inspired by indian archer? nice take on the prompt.

    1. Not exactly....some part of it from one of the Archer from is fiction..glad you liked it :)