Friday, November 15, 2013

Burnt Tattoo....

“Where is she”, Ashok asked the head nurse.

“She is in ward number 2 Doctor Ashok”, Nurse informed

Ashok rushed to ward number 2. There a girl was lying on the bed struggling for life.
A team of junior doctor already attended her. Head nurse informed Ashok that she is NOT OK. Burnt percentage is around 70%. Ashok suddenly saw right hand which was not burnt much ,a tribal art was tattooed throughout her hand. He had seen that tattoo before! If only he could remember where. He tried to recall a lot but all in vain. He started the treatment. After 3 hours of intensive treatment the girl shifted to burn ward. Ashok knew that the chances of survival are not much for that girl.

Inspector Gautam, good friend of Ashok and investigation officer of the case suddenly stopped him on his way to his cabin.

"Hi Ashok, how is she? Can you tell me when can I take her statement? She is the daughter of the gardener working in the local MLA's house and arrived yesterday only from the village. Mr. MLA is asking about her condition frequently. According to MLA's wife she was cooking in the servant's quarter on Kerosene Stove and suddenly stove burst resulting in her injuries. Thanks to MLA's wife who brought her to hospital in time". Gautam told

Hearing MLA's name suddenly something strike in Ashok's mind. "Gautam, are you sure she is the gardener's daughter & arrived yesterday only" Ashok asked.

"Yes. MLA's wife was along with the gardener while giving statement and gardener also told the same" Gautam replied

"How can this happen!! Two months back I went to MLA's house to see his mother who was bedridden and expired last month. I was there for 2-3 hours and met a girl who was working as maid. Infact mother of MLA was totally dependent on that girl for everything. That girl told me that she is taking care of MLA mother for last 8 months. That girl was having the same tattoo art as the girl in the burnt ward." Ashok told Gautam.

“Oh…but why the MLA’s wife & gardener will tell lie?” Gautam asked

“I don’t know. May be because MLA might have not wanted to get in trouble for child labour as that girl must not be more than 14 years of age.” Ashok told

“Possible. Now only after statement of that girl things will get clear.” Gautam told
Suddenly Rothin arrived in the hospital. Rothin was having a tattoo parlor in the Delhi and good friend of both Gautam & Ashok.

“Hey guys why both of you are in tensed mood? Are we not going for the weekly get-together tonight”, Rothin Asked.

Ashok briefed Rothin about the case. “Can I see that tattoo?”, Rothin asked
All three went to see that girl in the burnt ward. Rothin closely saw the tattoo and came out.

“Gautam where is that gardener?” Rothin asked

“There he is, sitting near the reception”, Gautam told

Rothin saw the gardener. “Gautam, which place this gardener, belongs to?” Rothin asked

“He is from Ghaziabad.  His name is Prajapati Singh.” Gautam told

“See Gautam I also have a doubt that this gardener is her father as the tattoo which is there on that girls hand is a very old typical tribal art found in the Border areas of West Bengal & Jharkhand. This is tattooed on the girls of that tribe after attaining the age of puberty. Infact this tattoo art is quite sacred and done by experts and of permanent nature.   Whatever it is, but she definitely does not belong to the place from where this gardener belongs to. “Rothin told
Yes, that girl who was taking care of MLA’s mother also told me that she is from a village of Jharkhand. Now I am sure she is the same girl. Something is fishy Gautam. Chances are very less that the girl will survive. Once she dies than we cannot find out the truth. You have to act now.” Ashok told

Gautam understood everything and went straight to the gardener. “Prajapati, congratulations your daughter is OK now and will be in a position to give the statement after sometime. I think she will survive now” Gautam told. Ashok also congratulated him with a smile.

Prajapati’s reaction was definitely not like a father whose daughter has defeated the death. He immediately rushed outside giving the excuse that he is going to inform her wife about that who is at village right now. Gautam followed him.

“Memsaab, Sugni is OK. Doctor is tailing that she will survive. What should I do now?” Prajapati told someone on the mobile phone

“But Memsaab police is here. It will be not easy to bribe the head nurse to kill her. Infact she only told me that chances of survival is almost nil. I do not know how come Sugni is OK now. Anyway let me try. I will call you later.” Prajapati told and turned in a surprise to find Inspector Gautam behind the wall.

Gautam than used his ways to get everything out of Prajapati. After interrogation he told Ashok & Rauthin that both were correct. The girl’s name is Sugni and she was working as maid for last 10 months at MLA’s house. Sugni’s parents sold Sugni to one of the local broker who ultimately sold her to Prajapati who brought her on behalf of MLA to look after her bedridden mother. MLA’s wife uses to torure her in various ways. Last Saturday she asked her to drink human urine, she resisted that and told that she will inform police once she get chance and tried to fled away. MLA ‘s wife & Prajapati caught her and tried to burn her in the servant’s quarter. But suddenly some party workers arrived to meet MLA and they saved Sugni. But when MLA’s wife briefed MLA regarding the episode than the story of her being his daughter and accident due to Kersoene stove burst plotted and told to the police. MLA was sure that she will not survive so he tried to take some mileage out of it informed how his wife rescued Sugni.

Suddenly head nurse arrived and informed that Sugni is no more.  Another victim of  violence against domestic help succumbed to the inhuman acts of so called literate & cultured human beings.

“Guys, this sacrifice of Sugni should not get waste. Let’s act” Goutam Told and all three went to see Sugni one last time. All three knew what they have to do. They have decided to ACT.

It will continue and more and more Sugnis will burn to death until we raise the voice against child labor , human trafficking and Violence against domestic help . Not only think…please ACT too like Ashok, Gautam & Rothin that will be the real tribute to Sugni. 

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  1. Its just terrible how one can treat fellow humans like that. Even animals dont do that. Well written. :) my previous post was on domestic violence.

    1. Thanks Preethi... will surely read your previous post... :)

  2. If humans can't be good to fellow humans who's gonna do that? Nice story and beautifully narrated. :)

    1. Thanks :) actually this is the question to be answered ASAP

  3. Lovely post Amit. Very relevant in today's context when we find some our very own MLAs and MPs and their families getting involved in such crimes.

  4. Very well-written story, highlighting 2 social ills.