Friday, October 4, 2013

The Tomb

Soumen after completing his Catering course from National Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology joined one of the famous Hotels of India, in the business capital of India, situated near Gateway of India as a Trainee.  He used to stay in one of the apartments in Andheri with his friend James who works in a call center in graveyard shift.

Today James took “sick leave” as he planned to meet his girlfriend in the evening. Soumen came back from work at 06:30 PM and before James could inform him about his meeting Soumen asked him “Did somebody come in the flat next to ours?”

“I do not know. That flat is vacant for long. Did you see someone?” James asked.

“ Yup. There was a middle aged Lady standing in front of the flat and its door was opened. . When I asked her if she is our new neighbor she did not told anything and went inside the flat” Soumen told surprisingly

“Oh! Leave it na yaar. What we have to do with her. By the way I am going to meet Chenel at Juhu Chaupati. I will be coming late in the night. And you know what…… today I am going to propose her” James told

“Great buddy! Go for it. Chenel is a wonderful girl. And both of you make good couple. But just wait for me I will accompany you till Andheri station, let me take a quick bath” Soumen told and rushed to the bathroom.

Their bathroom and the bathroom of the next flat shared common wall and thanks to modern “save space” construction technique, voice can travel easily across the wall. Soumen heard someone talking in the adjoined bathroom. It was a female voice; he presumed that she is the same Lady, their new neighbor, maybe she was talking on her mobile as this seems to be one sided conversation.

Lady was asking about an address to someone. “Can you tell me exactly how can I reach there? Ok…so I can hire a taxi….great… the way where exactly The TOMB is?”Lady Asked

Soumen overheard “Where exactly The BOMB is?

Soumen was listening to this conversation while getting undressed for bath

She said TOMB. He mistook it to be BOMB.

 Soumen was shocked. He forgot everything and started hearing the conversation with full concentration.

“OK…so I have to reach Santacruz Graveyard and take right turn…and I will find it…great…. rest leave on me…I will take care…I will reach their by 08:00 PM and after completing the job from there itself I will leave for Delhi. Tomorrow it will be in the newspaper…great news for people of this town.  Let’s do it…bye for now” Lady told and disconnected the call.

Soumen was frightened listening this. He with his towel on ran to the drawing room, he was breathless.

“Hey Soumen…what happened? Why are you so breathless?” James asked

“Buddy, this town is going to face one more blast. We have to do something” Soumen told
“What are you talking about? Blast?? How you came to know?” James asked

Soumen narrated what he heard in the bathroom word by word correct what that Lady told (except in place of TOMB he mistook it as BOMB).

It was the time for James to get shocked. “Are you sure you heard BOMB” He asked

“I am damn sure. Now Ladies are getting recruited in terrorist camps as no one will doubt on their activities easily.  Also her conversation suggests that something is fishy. And do not forget how she reacted when I asked her if she is our new neighbor. Let me call Marathe Saheb, our landlord and ask about this Lady.” Soumen told and called Marathe Saheb.

“Namaste Marathe Saheb, have you rented the flat next to ours to someone?” Soumen asked

“Yes….to Ms. Rubina Khatun, she is the business woman from Nashik. She wants to convert that flat to guest house for her firm.” Marathe Saheb told

“ Marathe Saheb, please don’t mind, hope you have done the police verification of Ms. Khatun.” Told Soumen

“I have not done yet. One of my friends from Nashik has given her reference. But anyway I will get it done soon. But why are you asking all this?” Marathe Sahab asked

“Arre Marathe Sahab you have given this flat to wrong person. She is planning for a blast near Santacruz Graveyard, I think near the Market area close to Santa Cruz graveyard. You remember na how the terrorist who attacked Mumbai last year took shelter in such kind of flat and planned everything there. I have faced that as they attacked our Hotel and I was one of the survivors. How can you do such mistake Marathe Sahab. Remember if anything goes wrong police will catch hold of you. And she is from Delhi not Nashik.” Soumen told and narrated him the same thing which he told to James.

“Oh God! Let me call Inspector Kamble. You both come to my house we will go to him. You guys explain to him what you heard.” Told Marathe Sahab.

All three went to meet Inspector Kamble. Soumen again narrated the same story what he told to James & Mr. Marathe. Inspector Kamble immediately informed police control room and took BOMB squad and three of them and reached Santa Cruz Graveyard. In no time police took position around the graveyard.  Soumen was with Inspector Kamble to recognize that Lady. Inspector Kamble changed his dress and in civil dress he accompanied Soumen and took right turn from the graveyard. 

After some distance they found three persons surrounded by journalists & cameraman near Mustafa Tomb. Soumen recognised that Lady as she is is one of the three surrounded by Journalists , he told Kamble “Sir, this is her only, but why she is surrounded by journalist, is she going to announce the blast before doing it.” Soumen told.

“Shut up! Why the hell will she do that? Let me ask Surya, he is in the crowd of journalist, he is famous reporter of Mid Day”. Told Inspector Kamble.

They stand a bit away from the crowd and Kamble called Surya, the journalist,

“Hi Surya, Kamble this side. I am in civil dress standing a bit away from you. Can you tell me what’s going on there?” Kamble asked.

“Hello sir, I came here to cover the Innaugral session of the renovation program of the Old Mustafa TOMB. You must be aware Old Heritage Society was raising their voice to save this TOMB near Santacruz Graveyard from demolition by Government. Now one of the business women from Nashik, Ms. Rubina Khatun with two of her old business assosiates has agreed to sponsor the renovation of the TOMB from their Corporate Social Responsibility fund. Government also agreed for that. Its great news for the people of this town. Tomorrow everyone will know about that. Thanks to Ms. Khatun, you want to meet her? She will leave for Delhi after this programm” Explained Surya

"No Surya, it’s OK. Will meet her next time”. Told Kamble

Inspector Kamble understood everything. He immediately informed police control room that the information is wrong and moved to police station with Soumen.

Inspector Kamble explained everything to all three. James as well as Marathe Saheb shouted at Soumen for his mistake and the confusion it has created. Inspector Kamble cooled them down and told “See it happens, anyone can do the mistake, but important is that he acted very fast. He has shown courage which many people does not even possess. What if it would have been BOMB in place of TOMB? So don’t shout at him like this and you Soumen, next time act only when you are 100% sure."

Soumen apologies to everyone and rushed to take appointment of an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist.

Marathe Sahab stayed back to complete the police verification formalities of Ms. Rubia Khatun.

James rushed to Juhu Chaupati, he got 10 missed calls from Chenel and he has no idea how to convince her and he postponed to propose her till he get another ‘Sick Leave’ as today’s date with her is going to over in convincing her only about the reason of late coming.

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  1. This is a well-crafted plot. and loved the ending about taking a 'sick leave' , the next time to propose.

    1. Thanks! One of my friends actually took sick leave to propose :)

  2. this is inspiring. i need to improve myself :)

    1. Amar - Thanks...your write up are awsomm...even I need to improve a lot :)

  3. Do I need to say know you are an awesome blogger

    1. You are the all credit goes to you :)