Friday, October 25, 2013

The Proposal

Veronica entered into the restaurant where she usually goes for the lunch as it is quite near to her office.  As she entered she found the table where she always uses to have lunch is reserved.

I Lovv You”.

This was the sentence written on a placard placed on that reserved table. She was surprised to see two things, one the place was not as crowded as it used to be during lunch & the spelling of “Love” which is misspelt as “Lovv”.
She occupied another table and ordered for lunch. That “Lovv” thing is moving in her mind.

“Nope….it can’t be him. Someone has wrongly spelt it” She thought.
Memories flashed back to her college days.

I Lovv You.” This was how someone used to write on small notes which she used to get every week, with wrong spelling of “Love”. But the sender’s name was not mentioned in any of those notes.
Her friends always used to tell her that there is one secret admirer of her in the college who used to help her in various ways without disclosing his identity. She also felt the same, in most of her activities she used to get help when she required it. How & who did is a secret till now.  But she always felt good when she used to get the note with” I Lovv You” written on it.

Today when she saw that placard than again memories of that unknown admirer flashed in her mind. She was and she is still in love with him. She realized now……she realized that also when she was leaving the college life but how to tell the same to an unseen person that she has also fallen in love with him without even seeing him was an issue than….as well as an issue now.

Suddenly the channel on the TV of the restaurant changed and a man with a hat appeared on the screen but he was in dark so face was not visible.

The man in dark spoke “Hi Veronica, I know you must be surprised to see all this and yes you are thinking in right track. I am the one who always admired you. You were the smartest & most beautiful girl in the college; I always loved you and told you so many times ….remember those notes?  

Voice seems to be familiar to Veronica. Man in dark continued “Somehow I never disclosed my identity as there was a fear in my mind that the proposal of a simple & average looking boy may turned down by the smartest & most beautiful girl of the college. I trust you appreciate that it may happen with anyone of my kind. But in past 5 years since we left the college I was always thinking of telling you the truth, but again somehow can’t…….. till this incident happened to me. “

Man in dark narrated “Two days back I was travelling to my Aunt’s place, I saw one man lying on the road, and he was having cardiac arrest. I took him to the hospital. Doctors informed me that they have to operate him as soon as possible but it may happen that operation may not be a success and may result in death."

"I asked that man about his relatives, he told he has no one and he wants to live and was ready for the operation. He gave me the number of his insurance agent and that agent arranged everything for his operation. Just before going for operation that man asked me for my mobile and he called someone and expressed how he loves her. On my asking he told that he was supposed to propose one girl today and he don’t want to miss this on account of his operation. He may not survive on operation table so he wants to express what he felt for that girl, he may not get another chance.  It touched me. I got so many chances and I did not express my feeling for you properly and publicallly. It may happen that life may not give me more chances too, you never know. So here are those three magical words from my heart for you my sweetheart.”

“I Lovv You”.

Divine sentence appeared on the screen and that man disappeared from the screen.
Veronica was still in a trance and suddenly a well-dressed man with a hat appeared.

“Victor!! It’s you!!” Veronica shouted surprisingly.

“Yup, Veronica it’s me….the lean & thin, average looking, unknown boy of your class” Victor told.

“I Lovv You” Victor expressed his feelings for her once again, this time face to face, properly & publically in a restaurant.

“And believe me this “Lovv” what I told you has double” V “in it. This is my “Lovv” for you.  Also you are not bound to reply anything, I am not going to ask you whether you do or not, because your answer is not going to change my feelings for you. It will be still “L-O-V-V” only.” Victor told

Veronica was pleasantly surprised. She was speechless. But she also doesn’t want to miss the chance. She knows what she is going to tell Victor.

Even you know that. Don’t you?

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