Friday, October 18, 2013

Ignored Conversation....

Abhishek was in a shock today. Throughout his existence of 29 years on earth he had never felt so helpless and lifeless. “Damn I should not have checked into the mail of Arunima. I was so happy before knowing all these about her.” Abhishek thought.

The day Abhishek and Arunima got married, Abhishek was a bit curious about what Arunima do on her i-Pad day in and day out. She always sticks to her i-Pad even during cooking. Though he never asked her about this love of her to her i-Pad, he always felt a bit curious. But anyway he ignored all these thinking it’s her space and she has all the rights to do whatever she wants there. And they continued living happy married life with all kind of support for each other. Time passed and they were blessed with a baby boy. Arunima’s attention was all for their kid only now. She hardly uses her i-Pad now days. Abhishek also was playing role of wonderful father and a life partner. Their saga of happy married life continued.

One Sunday afternoon Arunima went to a meeting of Ladies club of the society. Abhishek as good father was taking care of the baby. Suddenly he saw that Arunima forgot the i-Pad and her mailbox was opened. He once again became curious to know what is so good about her i-Pad so that she always stick to it. Baby in the meantime slept and Abhishek got the chance to check out the i-Pad. Once he thought not to check as it’s her i-Pad and it will not be ethical to check in her absence without her permission. But he thought after all it’s her wife's i-Pad, she has all the access to his space so he also can have the same. “Nothing should be in between two human beings who are soulmate” these words of Arunima which she told to him on the first night flashed in his mind. He started checking her i-Pad. After sometime a chat message appeared. It was from some Shravan Singh.

“Hi Sexy! Whazz’up..” was the message from Shravan.

Abhisek was surprised, Arunima had told him about all her close friends even her ex-boyfriend and certainly this name was not among those. Abhishek being a boy form a very modest middle class family couldn’t able to digest such kind of message for her wife. Though he has quite modern outlook and accepted Arunima ignoring all her past and started his new life with a new start with her. To know more he clicked on the chat history.

And he saw what he was apprehending. Arunima & Shravan were in love with each other before their marriage.

Infact both were in close contact even after their engagement & marriage. Shravan was totally shocked. He had told Arunima that her past doesn’t matter to him; only thing he has asked her is that she should get in relationship with him leaving all that behind and he promised the same to her. And there married life is quite happy since then.

 Abhishek was more surprised when he read the conversation day by day, Arunima used to share the things which should be between a husband & a wife only. Though there conversation came down to 7-8 messages a day after their marriage and limited to “Hi-Hello” after the birth of their son and now  a days she is not even replying Shravan, which reflects that both are not actively involved in their relationship now. But what he was shocked to see was the conversation between them after their engagement when she used to chat in and out with him.

 He was surprised that she used to tell Shravan all what they discussed. Even the meetings they had in their courtship period and not to forget three magical words which she told to Shravan same time when she told to him. Abhishek was shattered. He was feeling betrayed.

He was deeply thinking all these suddenly the baby started crying. He left the i-Pad as it is and went to see the baby who suddenly stopped crying, he saw Arunima has arrived and baby once again is in deep sleep on her lap.  Suddenly last one and half year of their married life flashed back where both proved as strong pillars of support in tough times. Their friends used to give their examples as best couple in town. Their parents are proud of them. Both were the best things ever happened to each other. Abhishek thought, what if he had checked and know all this earlier in their married life. Certainly it would not have been so good as it is now, in fact at all he would have continued with this relationship is questionable. 

But if he forget that he even know this facts, life can't be better than what he has now. Arunima is everything what he had thought as life partner. She was the best for him. By ignoring her activities on her i-Pad he did not came to know about Shravan's episode and it might allowed Arunima to slowly move away from that relationship. And with time Abishek & Arunima became the pillars of support for each other.

"Ignorance indeed is bliss, he thought to himself and hugged Arunima & kissed the baby. Arunima couldn't know what happened and probably she will never know what had happened. And they continued to live happily.

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  1. Nice story :) Ignorance in such cases is so blissful for long lasting happiness in a person's life.

    1. Thanks Ravindra :) True..sometime you have to Ignore few things for long lasting happiness

  2. good read for the WOW promot. keep up the good work

  3. He took a correct step by being quiet about everything which wouldn't have erupted if he had been ignorant...lovely take on the prompt