Friday, September 20, 2013

The Mistake...

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. This is my only mistake in the whole episode. If I would have got this information in time than this message would have not reached to the squad. This all is due to gap in communication that is what I can say” told Dy. SP Sameer Sinha to the enquiry board.
“Mr. Sinha you being the in charge of this operation cannot get excuse for this mistake. This is a grave misconduct. You have ordered for this shootout without getting into the details from reliable sources and in a hurry. You are suspended with immediate effect. Your case will be put up for trial in court next month. You will get the notice for the same.” Told Head of the Enquiry Board.
Sameer Sinha,Dy. SP & Chief of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), Mumbai Operation is totally shattered. In his career of 20 years this is the first time he is facing such allegations that too a serious one of ordering a shootout in which two innocent civilians one being a young lady were killed.
Sameer was alone today as his wife had left for his father’s place after this incident. He decided to go to a less known bar in Borivali. He reached their and there was no one who can recognize him. He ordered for a nip of whiskey and sat in the corner. After sometime a person came near him and asked “Saab, what are you doing here?”
Sameer was surprised that how come anyone recognize him here.
“Chandu??” Sameer Asked
“Ji Saab, I am Chandu, the Khabri, I was out of station for some time and came back to Mumbai few days back and was there in that Chawl where the shoot out happened. Its really unfortunate. I am still not convinced that you have ordered for such shoot out without proper information.” Chandu Told
“Its true Chandu, I have ordered for the shoot out. But just after 20 min of my sending the message to the squad I got the call from the Minister that two out of five terrorist out of which one was a lady were not terrorist. But it was too late.” Told Sameer and took deep breath.
“Its so unfortunate.  By the way when you got the call from Minister?” Chandu Asked
“It was at 11:20 PM. I sent the message through my phone to the squad at 11:00 PM. 20 min is sufficient for such a competent squad to clear everything” Sameer told.
“What?? Are you serious Saab ji? How can it happen” Chandu exclaimed.
“Why? What Happen Chandu?” Sameer asked  
“I heard the firing at around 10:30 PM it lasted for 15 minutes. That was the only shoot out happens on that night. But, we heard the announcement from police at 11:30 PM that all the terrorist were killed in the shoot-out. And then I came out of my room and met your subordinate Sr. Inspector Shinde who rushed immediately from the venue once media arrived.” Chandu told.
“What?? Are you serious? Shinde was on the spot in charge of the operation, I had messaged him only. In fact he only told me to give the orders by 11:00 PM as these terrorist were planning to move out from the Chawl and we don’t want to loose this opportunity. And he only told me that instead of three as per information there are five terrorist in the Chawl. He was behind me for the shoot-out order, once they took the position in Chawl.” Sameer told and looked shocked.
“Saab Ji, There is something fishy in here. You can cross check the timing of the shoot out from other inmates of the Chawl. And how come Minister knows that they are not terrorist within 20 minutes of shoot out? By the way you know na that Shinde Saab is quite close to the Minister now a days.” Chandu Told
Sameer’s brain doesn’t took much time to connect everything. Inspector Shinde was next to Sameer and always tried to take his position but failed to do so because of competency level of Sameer in solving critical cases. One person who can get benefitted most from his suspension is Inspector Shinde only. Minsiter was involved in this operation and he only asked Sameer to take position from control room and asked him to make Shinde as on the spot in charge for safety reasons. Sameer now understood everything and know what he has to do next to save him and get his prestige back.
“Thanks Chandu. You have no idea how much you helped me. Now I know where I did the mistake, it was not hitting the “send” button but believing in the system more than believing in self. I had never thought Shinde can go to that extreme for personal and professional benefits. Anyway now I know what to do. Thanks once again buddy” Sameer told   
“You are always welcome Saab Ji. It happens in all the profession Saab, we are back to old Jungle days, eat or get eaten. And I know you will get your position back soon. Would like to work for you once again.” Chandu told
After few days it was headline of the local newspaper”City got his ATS Chief back. Minsiter who was hospitalized after problem of chest pain is missing from the Hospital. Inspector Shinde from ATS found guilty for shoot out at the Chawl.” 
And yes Sameer's wife is back once again.
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  1. Wow.. this is an interesting thriller woven aprund the theme by blog adda.. nice written..
    Loved it :)

  2. Superb and fascinating plot! Gripping story!

  3. Nice story, loved how you used the WoW prompt to write a crime related story.

  4. Aint u a genius :D ... Loved it like always...Indian sheldon ;)

    1. Thanks sweetyheart...U inspired me to restart writing...all credit goes to you :)