Friday, September 27, 2013


5...4...3...2...1 Let’s start a fire.
We'll burn this town from inside out.
Till no ones left alive.
And you can't feel the rhythm of your steps when you hit the street.
The city seems so far away from here, when you're counting every step.”

 Rajeev while listening to these lines from the song “Counting 5…4…3…2…1”** by American Band Thursday on his GoGear was thinking of how apt this song is for the situation he is facing right now. This song specifically comes from not being happy in the town that you grew up in and wanting to get out as quickly as possible. Same happened with Rajeev Patel in last few days. Though his ancestors belongs to Gujarat, he was born and brought up at Delhi and was always proud to be called as Delhite by heart. He grew up as one of the most recognised student leader in North Campus of Delhi University.

It was first week of the New Year 2013, he had to lead the students for a candle march in the honor & memory of the Delhi “Brave heart”. He planned everything and briefed all his team members.
Just before the start of the candle march he got a call from the Leader Saheb, a local leader of the political party with which he was associated,

“Beta Rajeev How is the preparation?” Leader Saheb asked.

 “Namaste Sir, it’s good, we got more than 200 confirmation for the march, it’s going to be a peaceful march with condolence messages” told Rajeev.

“Great, I like it, but only one thing you have to change; it should not end up as peaceful march.” Leader Saheb told.

“What? Why sir? We are going there for the condolence meet in the memory of the brave girl. We have to convey our message peacefully, that is what we have decided and accordingly communicated the same to the students, Infact because of this peaceful march we got 60% girls representation in the march.” Rajeev told surprisingly.

“Beta, this is Delhi, here every move of the political parties has its own importance. Anyways, you will learn all this soon, its party’s high command’s decision, you just follow it. Let this be the memorable march in the history of Delhi. And at the end government and police will face the heat, you will get all the credit. So go for it, its golden opportunity for you.” Leader Saheb told Rajeev.

“But Sir, it can lead to whole chaos among students and if anything goes drastically wrong then students has to face the heat.” Rajeev told anxiously.

“That I don’t care. You are my party worker you have to follow the orders, else your deputy Ramesh is a wonderful contestant for your seat. Hope you understand what I want to tell.” Told leader Saheb and disconnected the call.

Rajeev was confused, on one hand this can be a turning point for his future political carrier on the other hand he was thinking of the promise he had made to the students who were participating.

He finally decided to follow his heart and called his friend and co party worker Jasbir and explained everything to him. Jasbir was also shocked but happy that they got the information and also planned the action to be taken. They started the march and Jasbir was there to take care of Ramesh and his activities. Ramesh had got the call from the same leader also, and he had agreed for what leader had told him. But Jasbir and his friends failed the ill intentions of Ramesh. The march was on the verge of its ending peacefully, suddenly few of the constables from the local police commented on the girls who were participating in the March, girls didn’t reacted much. They continued doing so for some time, after that some of the girls and boys reacted and opposed the constables. Rajeev saw that and went there to resolve the issue, but constables were not listening at all and one of them pushed Rajeev back. Student seeing their leader pushed by the constable reacted and started shouting and also pushed the constable back. Seeing that police activated their riot control vehicle and started water spray, after this crowd of 200 students also reacted and ultimately the whole place became a small battle ground. It lasted for one hour and no surprise students were badly bitten by the armed police. It was not a peaceful march.

 Rajeev was hurt not because of the wounds he got but due the promise which was broken. He was surprised and was not able to understand what went wrong. Ramesh was taken care of by Jasbir, then how it happened? With this thought he was trying to sleep in general ward of Safdarjang Hospital.

Suddenly Jasbir came almost running to him with a letter in his hand. It was Rajeev’s suspension letter from the party. Ramesh was new in charge of the student wing of the party. His mobile rang, it was Leader Saheb.

“Beta, how are you? You must have got the news by now. I warned you about that. But I knew your strength. Therefore I didn’t rely on Ramesh only. This is Delhi Beta, here even police doesn’t know whom they have to report. And it doesn’t cost us more “they” are quite cheap. I just thought to give you an opportunity so talked to you else arranging this is effortless job for us. Hope you learned something. Good bye!” he disconnected the call.

Rajeev now no more want to be in this town, he is saying GOODBYE  not because of the town but due to the people like Leader Saheb and Ramesh who are burning this town and turning it to ashes day by day and today he is waiting for his train to other town at the New Delhi Station and the next lines of Thursday’s song which he was listening on his Go Gear goes like –

“5….4….3….2…..1 what are you waiting for?
The train is catching up, keep on running don't look back.
Cause it's 10...9…8….7 everybody's coming to burn this city, burn this city down tonight.
Leave it all behind………”
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

PS: I love Dil Walon Ka Sheher

**Link to Song “Countdown 5...4...3...2…1” -

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  1. good one :) power is control...if not one person there will always be another get things done..all the best for your entry :)

  2. bloody oppurtunists.... :-|

  3. your post always gives me the feel as if am watching a wonderful as ever

  4. Good one. power corrupts people. so good people refuse to be drawn into this vicious circle.

  5. Good one. power corrupts people. so good people refuse to be drawn into this vicious circle.

  6. Good one and quite well written! Indeed a wow post!