Friday, September 13, 2013

Flower Girl......

Traffic lights of the Main Road of this small city are one of the most powerful things here. Yellow, Red & Green lights controls the movement of both living and non-living things. Vehicles irrespective of their engine capacity can’t neglect those small light emitting diodes. Likewise people on and around that main road have to follow those three musketeers.

Edwin as usual was on his way to office on his Blue Fiat Padmini, the car which his father has owned very proudly and passed on the legacy to maintain this machine to Edwin. It always happened that there is always Red signal when he used to arrive near traffic light on Main Road. Today also it happened. Suddenly a young girl wearing Orange frock came with Yellow Roses and asked if he want to buy one. Edwin didn’t reply and acted as if he is ignoring her. But he saw her closely. She must be of 13-14 years of age, fair complexion, Black curly hair & Brown eyes.

 He asked “What’s your name”.

 Girl replied “Saab, what you will do with my name, please buy one flower it will help me to earn something”.  

Edwin was surprised to hear that answer from a small girl. “Why you are wasting time in all these, you should go and study” Edwin told the girl.

Girl replied “Saab, I am not interested in all these. My father told me that I have to earn something to survive. Please tell me if you can buy one flower at least. I have a target to sell all these by the end of the day. Likewise I have my monthly & weekly targets, if I will not achieve these I may have to face something bad”.

“Damn they are also under pressure of Appraisal cycle like us”, Edwin thought & smiled but didn’t told anything and drove away as the green signal was on and he has to work hard to achieve this year target of him also.

From that day on wards every day that girl in same Orange frock used to go near each and every car including his Blue car and tried to sell flowers. Edwin simply blamed the government for in effective Child Labor Act & the parents who destroy the childhood of young soul like her. He never brought a flower as he thought it will encourage Child Labour.  He wants to do his bit for the cause by these. In fact he use to discuss with his colleagues about the issue sighting example of that girl during Tea breaks.

One day that girl was not seen near the traffic light. Edwin asked another young boy who was selling flowers like her. He told that he has no idea and fled away from there.

It has been one month since that girl was absent.
Edwin as usual was waiting in his same Blue car for the signal to be green. He saw a young girl in the same Orange frock trying to sell same Yellow Roses to someone. After sometime she came near his Blue Car. Again Edwin saw her closely.  She was still 13-14 years of age, fair complexion, Black curly hair but one of the Brown eyes has deep burn marks around it & one of the arms was missing.

“Oh God! What happened to you? How it happened? Have you met with any accident?” Edwin asked

Girl Replied “Saab, please don’t waste my time and yours too. Please tell me if you can buy one and help me to save my eyesight & one of the legs. As target this time is quite tough and I have to achieve this to save them.”

Edwin was speechless.  Suddenly signal became green and he drove once again without speaking anything. This time his car was full of Yellow roses & he was not thinking of any Child Labour Acts or about the parents who do all these with their child or about the Tea break discussion on Child Labour and other social issues. He was happy he did his bit for the humanity.

PS: I am no way supporting the Child Labour. It is the reality happening around us which I have simply penned down. We all think about this issue, but hardly we address them properly. Do we??

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