Friday, August 30, 2013

The SMART Phone....

Ronny got a mobile phone as gift from his father on his 18th Birthday.

Ronny: Finally I got you. Woww you are so cooooll!!

Ronny’s Mobile Phone (RMP): What? Cool?? You know what I am the hottest selling phone in the market…I am HOT!!

Ronny: OK…OK…You are HOT!! But not as Hot as my Girlfriend Tina!! I am going to call her and this is going to be my first call through a mobile phone.

RMP: Why you are wasting time in talking to her?  You can talk to me and also play with me….trust me I am more fun than your girlfriend and I will talk only when you want to talk.

Ronny: You can’t replace her. She is a human being. She has emotions and has lovely smile.

RMP: So what…I can express more effectively than her. I am loaded with expressive emoticons & smileys. You can use my pad and with the help of symbols, alphabets & numbers you can make likelihood of faces which even your HOT girlfriend can’t make. And see you are the master in real with me, you can make me express the way you like. Again I am better than your Girlfriend.

Ronny: But I want to marry her, in future she is going to be my lovely Wify!!

RMP: See you can use my Wi-Fi, this will be quite faster and helpful in your daily life compared to your Wify!!

Ronny: But you know what she is smart in fact smartest of all girls I have ever met.

RMP: WTF, but you must know I am SMART phone by default that is what everyone call me.

Ronny: Hey mind your language? What do you think WTF means?

RMP: “Well That’s Fantastic”….that is what it means…isn’t it??

Ronny: Yeaahhhh…I know you are SMART! Anyways me & Tina are about to go to city park to see some migrant birds. You wanna go?

RMP: Tina & I……

Ronny; What????

RMP: Its Tina & I. Me & Tina is not proper grammar dude. See I can make you teach proper English also…and better play Angry Birds in my Gaming Zone…they are far better than Migrant Birds….what’ say?

Ronny: You are right its Tina & I, because you are no longer invited. And I love Migrant Birds because they are not Angry!!

RMP is in switched off mode now!! Ronny is back to life.

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  1. Haha, good one.

    All the best for the contest.

  2. awesome post! Liked the wifi connection!

  3. haha short n crisp...interesting!

  4. Good one... Loved the conversation. Came to believe that your phone is really Smart.

  5. interesting :) loved the ending..all the best for the contest :)

  6. Interesting take on the prompt. Refreshing post. All the best.

  7. Lol...good one...wi-fi instead of wifey? Now whoever heard of that! ;)