Friday, August 23, 2013

Sound of Life.........

Riddhima & Siddhi are best friends. Both belong to a small town from Uttar Pradesh. Both were academically sound and ultimately established themselves as super working girls of Gen X at Delhi. Riddhima works with an IT firm as program analyst & Siddhi with a law firm dealing with criminal cases.  Riddhima is a girl with happy go lucky attitude on the other hand Siddhi used to see even comedy serials very seriously and she is also quite proud of her high IQ which she proved in solving some critical murder cases and even than they are best friends and use to take care of each other very well, though some of the other common friends are not comfortable with the attitude of Siddhi and her boasting of her problem solving brain and solved case stories especially about the famous case where a model was killed in a pub at Delhi which she narrate in almost every get together. She was quite far away from living light moments. Everything is serious matter for her in fact Laughter and Siddhi had never come across each other.

It was a Friday afternoon and both decided to visit one of the friend’s farmhouses in Chandigarh in the weekend. Siddhi’s office was closed and she was supposed to carry the luggage and pick Riddhima from her office in the evening. Suddenly doorbell rang, Riddhima was there and was looking quite tired.
“Hey what happened? You look so tired & sick.” Siddhi Asked
 “It’s fever, my whole body is paining, may be its viral, my office is full of sick employees as of now. Sorry but we have to cancel the plan, else you want you can go with others” Riddhima replied.
“No it’s OK. It will be no fun without you. You take rest” Siddhi told.
In no time Riddhima was in deep sleep with her favorite Denon AH-D7100 earphone from the collection of awesome earphones she has on her head attached to her iPhone. Siddhi knows that Riddhima sleeps putting this particular earphone on with her favorite songs playing on her iPhone only when she is sick or stressed and want to cut off from the real world. She closed the door and started working on a new case in drawing room. After some time she also fell asleep. The doorbell rang once again, she wake up in a hurry and saw the Aunty who stays in the same apartment standing there.
“Arre Siddhi there is courier for Riddhima, please hand it over to her” She told.
 “Thank you Aunty, actually I was in deep sleep and Riddhima is not well and also sleeping and may be electricity was not there so might be doorbell was not working or and also can’t hear knock on the door may be because of deep sleep” Siddhi told.
Siddhi than realized that she slept for 5 hours and it is 6:30 pm. She went to see Riddhima, she was still sleeping with her earphone on. Siddhi put the courier which is a packet on the side table and closed the door. She moved to kitchen and cooked the dinner as she thought to have dinner early and sleep though she slept for 5 hours in the afternoon. After 1 hour of cooking and 2 hour of watching comedy serials and some news with full concentration she went to see Riddhima, she was still sleeping with her earphone on. Siddhi was a bit worried now. She switched on all the lights and checked that Ridhhima was not having fever. She tried to wake her up but all in vain. She checked her iPhone, it was switched off. She put her earphone away but Riddhima didn’t responded. Suddenly Siddhi saw an empty bottle of cough syrup lying on the bed of Riddhima along with an empty strip of Valium 5 tablets and the open packet which has been couriered for Riddhima. That packet had a letter and some old dried rose buds. This was written by Shaurya one of the ex-colleagues of Riddhi. She read it and her analytical brain worked out that they were in relationship and Shaurya is no more interested in her and moving away from her life. It shows that they were having problems for some time and Riddhima had asked him to return back the rose buds which she had given to him on Valentine’s Day 4 months back as a sign of breakoff. In no time she connected all the evidences, the earphone which Riddhima put on only when she is in stress or sick, empty bottle of cough syrup, sleeping pills & the letter and concludes it’s a suicide attempt by her best friend who is broken due to break off with her boyfriend. She rushed to drawing room for her cell phone and called the doctor and then called some friends for help also. She ran to call the Aunty in their neighborhood. She explained the situation to Aunty breathlessly. Both ran to see Riddhima. They surprised to see that the door of Riddhima’s room was locked from inside. They tried to open the door but can’t, they shout Riddhima to open the door if she is OK. But there was no response. Soon their friends arrived. They broke the door there was darkness in the room, Siddhi switched on the light in a hurry. Riddhima was standing there with a big smile on her face and a cardboard on which “Happy April Fools Day” was written in BOLD. And soon after that everyone started laughing and whishing “Happy April Fools Day” to Siddhi. Siddhi saw the date on her Cell phone, it was 1st April today. Siddhi’s sharp brain captured immediately that it was a prank on her, framed by her best friend and other friends including the Aunty of the apartment.
Now Siddhi never boast about her solved cases or her high IQ and watch comedy serials laughing like judge of a laughter show. Her carefree laughter sounds best without any earphones, she knows that this is the best sound of life.

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