Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bas ek chup si lagi hai...

Koi Anokhi Nahi Aisi Zindagi Lekin!
Khub Na Ho, Mili Jo Khub Mili Hai!  
Nahi  Udaas Nahi, Bas Ek Chup Si Lagi Hai!! 

These lines from famous poet/writer Gulzar saab is quite apt at times. Sadness is addictive and very few actually know this fact of life. Silence is something which displays the sadness usually, but silence has its own identity. It is required in one's life to keep quite to lower the anxieties of life be it happiness or sadness. Normally people get confused if you are not talking or keeping yourself away from your usual life. They may ask you why you are SAD. Though you are not. It is quite difficult to make them understand that you are not SAD you just don't want to speak now. Actually you are speaking to you, to your heart, to your soul. This is not self assessment or self-introspection. This is just a friendly conversation with your thoughts without any vocals. And believe me your thoughts are wonderful communicator. They know you. They are born from you. Talk to them. You don't have to pretend here anything but to do a direct communication. Be honest. Tell your thoughts each and every small details of happenings in your life. They will help you to give the clear picture. But yes for that silence is required. It may looks to the outer world that you are sad, let it be. You just talk to yourself. It helps to see the clear and right picture of your life which no one can show. Try it.  

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