Wednesday, April 24, 2019


It was my usual visit to my Nani Ghar. A village far from hustle of town. One month of summer holiday used to be most memorable & enjoyable for me the stories of which I always used to tell my friends at my school. The highlights of my visits used to be the Bioscope show by Khan chacha. Just around evening during scorching summer he used to come with his bioscope box and all children used to enjoy the same with minimal cost of 10 paise per show. Last year he had told that he will be coming with some new shows. So, I was already excited.

2 days past but Khan chacha did not came for his shows. I was getting impatient. On 3rd Day afternoon I was sleeping in the farm house after having delicious lunch. I heard a knock at the back door. Curiously I went to the balcony and to my surprise Khan chaha was there with his Bioscope box. I was delighted to see him. But door was locked so I can’t go out and everyone was in deep sleep.

I told Khan chacha that I can’t come as of now. He told that he will be showcasing his new Bioscope Box near village river in the evening. He asked me to come there. I agreed.

In the evening I went near the village rive which was very close to our house. Khan chacha was there with his new box. I gave him 10 paise but he told that this will be his fist show so will not take any money and that too I was the first customer. I enjoyed the same and came back. It continued for next few days and one day he told that he must go to next village next year he will come with new shows. I was sad a bit but happy that Khan chacha exclusively played his Bioscope every day for me.

On our way back to home post summer vacation my Mom asked me that if I had enjoyed it or not. I asked why she is asking that. She told that since this year there was no Bioscope show so maybe I might have not enjoyed. I was surprised….by the time I ask anything, my father told that it is very sad that Khan chacha was killed brutally by village people for suspecting him for child kidnapping last December. Later, he was found innocent.

I was shocked. I could not utter any words. No one will believe me if I tell about Khan Chacha to them. There was no logical explanation or evidence of that. Now I started apprehending if at all I met him, or it was some kind of dream which I might have seen due to my fascination towards Bioscope Show.

It has been 20 years since than…I am still having no explanation to that incident.

Few things remain unexplained throughout your life…isn’t it?